Culture and education

The diversity of human culture is remarkable and every culture has its own unique patterns of internal thinking and external behaviours. The systems we have for managing Earth's resources depend vastly upon our culture, our beliefs and traditions, and the ways in which we organise ourselves.

There is no point having a 'sustainable environment' but ending up living in a land of oppression, dullness and uniformity. A vigorous, creative and vibrant culture is also needed if humans are to live fullfilled lives. Understanding the world around us and making best of our skills and capacities are key to this process .To facilitate the kind of cultural shift that it needed to move us towards a sustainable and ecologically sound future that is underpinned by cooperation and equality, we need to re-evaluate and re-learn different ways of how we work within the world and how we interact and relate to it and each other. Education has to be the central method of ensuring that useful and beneficial knowledge and skills are acquired by people to make the Transition into the future.