If you want to cancel your membership

If you pay for a membership subscription to the Permaculture Association and tell us within 14 days that you have changed your mind you can cancel your subscription and receive a refund. Please let us know if you would like to cancel your membership subscription at any other time. We will consider requests for refunds in case of financial hardship. You don’t need to give a reason to cancel your subscription. 


Refund Conditions

If you have a login to the website www.permaculture.org.uk as a benefit of membership, this will be deactivated if you cancel your membership. Any content you have added may no longer be visible.

Please note that if you have benefitted from membership by having access to member information, obtaining member discounts, registering for courses and programmes, receiving emails or publications, or downloading member-only content, we will refund at our discretion.

The Permaculture Association reserves the right to charge a handling fee (10% of the original fee).

Please e-mail us [email protected], or contact us in writing or by phone.


If you want to cancel your Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

If you signed up after 1st September 2020, the same terms as membership apply (see above).

If you signed up before 1st September 2020, please contact Cath Marsh or telephone the office. Apprentices who are still on Diploma systems 5.1 and 5.2 (no longer available to new subscribers), will only receive a refund in line with the published fees guide refund policy:

"We will not refund registration fees, or annual fees for years that have been completed, or the current year. We will only refund payments for tutorials that have not taken place."

If you want to cancel an event booked online on this website

All bookings are subject to a cancellation charge. This is usually:

  • 10% if cancelled 31 working days or more before the start day of your first event (course, conference, convergence or tour)
  • 25% if cancelled 20-30 working days before
  • 50% if cancelled10-19 working days before
  • 100% (i.e. no refund given) for 10 working days or less.

The Permaculture Association reserves the right to cancel an event in whole or in part if circumstances arise which would make it non-viable. In this situation we will refund participants.

Requests are considered active on the day they are received. Working days are Mondays to Fridays inclusive. Requests for cancellations after the event will not be considered.

Refunds will only be made to the person who purchased the tickets.

Substitutions are allowed at any time on condition that the Permaculture Association is informed of the name and details of the substitution in advance of the event.

Please check the booking page for details of any variation.

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