Learning approaches

Learning is a crucial part of permaculture; anyone who practices permaculture will be constantly learning.

By consciously applying learning tools, including reflection techniques, the quality and speed of that learning can be improved. Often learning will take place in a more formal context as part of a group or class. Here, too, the quality of both the learning experience and the learning itself can be greatly enhanced by the use of the tried and tested techniques described in this section.

In this category...

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning is based on learning styles, the idea that different people learn in different ways.

Action learning

Action learning is a process in which the learner studies their own actions and experiences to improve their performance.

Appreciative inquiry

Appreciative inquiry means enquiring into subjects or organisations with a focus on what can be appreciated (i.e. valued) in them; 'accentuate the positive'.

Edward de Bono's six thinking hats

De Bono thinking tools

Edward de Bono advocates the deliberate and explicit teaching of thinking techniques, especially in schools.

How to mind map

Mind maps

A mind map, also called a spider gram, is a diagram representing ideas, words or processes related to a central idea.

Citizen science

Citizen science

Citizen science is a collective term for projects that engage non-scientists in gathering, evaluating and/or computing scientific data.