Throughout Wales, there are individuals and communities practising permaculture in their lives and local communities. For everyone, that will include living as sustainably, self-supporting and generously as possible, in harmony with nature. For many, that includes earning a living from the land, including selling produce, delivering courses and events, and hosting volunteer days. Often working alongside local communities – to share produce and socialise.

Paramaethu Cymru is the branch of the Permaculture Association (Britain) covering the whole of Wales. 

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Learn in Wales

We also occasionally run national courses and can offer small financial support to developments from time to time. Some of our active members have also played wider roles –such as advising the Welsh Government, promoting permaculture solutions in Africa and helping County Councils to use permaculture design and approaches.

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Regional Welsh Permaculture Groups

As well as Paramaethu Cymru offering wider support as a national organisation, there are many local permaculture groups across Wales that you could be a part of. 

Some groups meet one day each month for a 'helping hands' day at different sites in their area, typically working on whatever the site needs for a few hours, sharing a lunch together and having a tour of the site. Also known more widely as 'permablitz's' the days are valued as much for community building and socilaising with kindred spirits as for the tasks completed - though it is amazing what can be accomplished by a group of helping hands in one day! 
Some local groups also organise events, such as seed-swaps, film nights, courses and events. 

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Wales Festival of Permaculture

Each year, we organise a National Festival of Permaculture where permaculture practices are shared and celebrated. This takes place – like the National Eisteddfod – in different locations around Wales.