The Permaculture Association is the national charity that supports people to learn about and use permaculture. We're working in Britain and around the world to make a better world for all using nature as our inspiration.


Find out about courses. Information about introductory courses, the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate, and the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Also details of how to become a permaculture teacher and updates from the Education Working Group.


Take your permaculture design skills to the next level with the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Completing this internationally-recognised course will develop your professional skills and place you among the top flight of permaculture designers in the country.


Our research has two aims: improving permaculture practice and showing permaculture works. This means gathering and sharing high quality permaculture research from around the world. We also work with universities and Association members to deliver permaculture research projects.

Research Digest

The Research Digest provides short summaries of newly-published permaculture related research. Take a look to see the latest items.

Farming Project

The new Farming Working Group has just been established and is developing an exciting programme of work based on a participatory process involving farmers, smallholders and consultants over the last two years. Find out more and get involved.

Events 2015

International Permaculture Day - May 3th 2015


IPC UK 2015 International Permaculture Convergence

Conference - September 8th - 9th 2015, Euston, London.

Convergence - September 10th - 16th 2015, Gilwell Park, Essex.

Edge events - from August 2015 onwards, across the UK


Please help build a scholarship fund so that we can support practitioners from across the world attend the international permaculture convergence. Pledge now!



Find out more about permaculture...

Through observation of natural systems permaculture shows us how to design places, spaces and communities for 7 billion people to live on the planet sustainably! Applying the ethics and principles results in reduced carbon footprints and positive impacts on the earth and it's inhabitants.

LAND - The Permaculture Learning and Demonstration Network

Come and see Britain's best examples of permaculture in action at our LAND demonstration centres. You can find out more about permaculture by visiting a project or learn by volunteering and making a real difference through practical action.


Members are sent our newsletter 'Permaculture Works' four times a year. On joining you will receive a website logon enabling you to create an online profile - it also means you can advertise your events and courses on our website! Join our network today!

Permaculture Scotland

Find out more about the Permaculture Association's strategic network in Scotland, the ScotLAND permaculture demonstration network, upcoming events and how you can get involved.

Permaculture Wales

Find out more about the Permaculture Association's strategic network in Wales, projects, events and how you can get involved.

Cael gwybod mwy am rwydwaith strategol y Gymdeithas Paramaethu yng Nghymru, prosiectau, digwyddiadau a sut y gallwch gymryd rhan.


Design helps us to make best use of available resources and create a productive system that meets more of our needs. Permaculture design is based on ecological principles and techniques from many different disciplines.

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Annual Appeal

The 12th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence will be hosted by the Permaculture Association in September 2015. Click here to find out more and register your interest.


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