World Peace Gardens Network

We are creating a Worldwide Network of WORLD PEACE GARDENS.


OUR AIM is that everybody can create (or have access to) an area of peace and tranquillity enabling contemplation on the beauty of our Earth and of the ideals of living in harmony with nature and with our local community.  


You can join us in this consciousness–raising network of gardens simply by declaring that your own garden, patio, balcony, or (by requesting to the relevant authorities) your local public park or garden be made into a WORLD PEACE GARDEN.   Each garden can then connect into this worldwide network website to meet people of all ages, exchange ideas, recipes, stories and legends.


In Britain and around the world, there is a diversity of gardens and parklands, full of beauty and originality.  However, many overcrowded urbanites have an increasing need for quiet, safe and natural surroundings in which to retreat from stress of work and daily life.

The theme of peace and non-violence can be further enhanced by introducing Permacultural Principles of mutually supportive, non-violent husbandry into your garden or public park.