Community initiatives

Communities around the world face common pressing issues in addressing economic conditions and revitalizing neighbourhoods. Developing innovative solutions can address the complex challenges of poverty, unhealthy lifestyles, cultivate sustainable food systems and empower the building of relationships.

It is at community level that we have the greatest opportunity to establish patterns of caring, implement policy changes and create conditions that enhance our health and well-being.


A street parade

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Electric car club. Photo: Car2Go Electric Car Sharing by pwkrueger CC BY-NC 2.0

Car sharing/lift sharing

Many people find it difficult to manage modern life without access to a car.

South Dunedin community art project Photo: paulusthebrit on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Community art

Community Art is a way of creating art characterized by interaction or dialogue with the community.

Community Transport

Creativity has led to a plethora of diverse local solutions, such as lift share, cycling cooperatives, 'walking school buses' and bio fuel production (made from the discarded vegetable oil from restaurants and cafes).

At Glenthorne Allotments, Ellen works on her and Andrew's plot, netting brassicas. Photo: philip_talmage on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Local food networks

Local food networks seek to ensure that food is grown and processed as close as possible to those who are going to eat it.

Crystal Palace Transition Town group shot

Transition towns

Transition towns are towns, cities and villages that are moving away from fossil fuel towards long-lasting and ecologically sustainable alternatives situated within a local community setting.