Permaculture Education

Education and training is central to permaculture. It is likely the main reason why permaculture is now working in over 120 countries around the world.

Permaculture teachers are both active practitioners and trained teachers. There are successful projects weaving permaculture into school curriculums worldwide.

There are an increasing numbers of schools and colleges in the UK that are incorporating permaculture into their work. If you are involved in permaculture work in a school or college please tell us about your work.

Teaching resources

In 2001, we published the 379 page Permaculture Teachers' Guide, with WWF UK and Permanent Publications. The guide is packed full of articles, lesson plans and guidance for teaching.

If you would like to introducte permaculture to children, the Children in Permaculture manual is for you.

You will find teacher training courses on our noticeboard.