Learning And Network Demonstration

Some of the best places to see permaculture in practice are the demonstration projects that are part of the LAND Network. There are over 120 in England and networks in Scotland and Wales.

The LAND network has grown into a vibrant network of sites demonstrating permaculture design.

Sites include suburban gardens, smallholdings, rural farms, city farms, forest gardens, and amazing allotments. They are all set up to show permaculture in practice to visitors and volunteers in a safe, accessible and inspiring way.

There are also other permaculture projects you can visit, which have not yet achieved LAND or LAND Learner status.

Please get in touch if you're interested in being part of the LAND network.

All our LAND projects are members of the Permaculture Association. You can support this inspiring network of permaculture projects by becoming a member today. In return, we can connect you with permaculture in your area, send you opporunities to get involved with permaculture projects via network news, and more!