Projects and LAND Network

Welcome to The Projects and LAND Network.


There are a diverse range of permaculture projects and LAND centres around the UK, where you can see how permaculture design and practice benefit our lives, our communities and our society. Whether you run a project and want to be part of a co-supportive community, you are thinking about setting up a project and would like some help and advice, you are an aspiring volunteer and want to find an project placement near you or you are just curious, the projects and LAND Network is for you. Visit our projects and LAND map to  to connect with permaculture projects and LAND Centres in your area. 


What is a Project?

A project is a community initiative that has been inspired by or designed using permaculture principlesdesignsethicspractices or techniques. There are an unlimited range of projects that fall into this category from global movements to back yard gardens in towns, cities, rural areas and online. Examples of this are ‘Transition Network’, eco villagesfood networks and housing cooperatives, community allotments and hubs, school projects, guerrilla gardens, seed saving initiatives, fruit picking and preserving clubs, nature connection and wellbeing centres. Many of these projects don’t accept visitors but may welcome volunteers or run events and activities. Dont forget to check our events  and opportunities pages to find out about what is happening near you. 


What is a LAND Centre?

A LAND (Learning action network demonstration) Centre is a place that you can visit or volunteer at to see and experience earth care, people care and fair share in action. All LAND Centres welcome visitors and many run events, courses and workshops. Sites include suburban gardens, smallholdings, rural farms, city farms, agroforestry, forest gardens, and amazing allotments. Contact individual centres for further details and to arrange your visit and find out their current covid guidelines.

Read the profile of a centre to find out what practical tips and techniques you can learn and apply to your own life, home or workplace. Sites include examples of orchards and forest gardening, hugel beds, no dig gardening, food preservation, soil management, natural farming, agroforestry, green building, market gardening, water management, compost toilets, passive greenhouses, renewable energy, herbal medicine, composting, community building, Living in Place, Active Hope and permaculture ethics.


Get inspired by watching these short videos featuring projects and LAND centres from around the uk.