Joanna Bojczewska

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JOANNA BOJCZEWSKA, Poland/International

✓ Training design & curriculum development
✓ Consultancy & mentoring for farm & garden design
✓ Consciousness, art & ecology integration
✓ Earth-friendly visual creative production
✓ International collaborations


An agroecology and permaculture educator. Joanna is the Founder of Agro-Perma-Lab (2019) and co-founder of Nyeleni Polska Food Sovereignty Network (2016) in Poland. With a degree in Social Anthropology (LSE) and specialisation in the areas of learning, enskillment and knowledge transmission across outer and inner ecology, she regularly collaborates with grassroots organisations on social systems design in Poland and internationally.

Joanna gained practical community gardening and permaculture experience at Organiclea in the UK (2011-13); she then completed a 2-year organic farming school in Poland at Ecological Folk Highschool (EUL, 2016-2018), and trained at international agroecology in Italy with Schola Campesina (2016-2018).

She earned confidence as a food-grower by managing a biodiverse market garden and an educational farm – Ekopoletko in close collaboration with traditional peasant farmers in the foothills of Small Beskid, near Krakow, Poland (2015-2018). She spent much of her childhood on a traditional Polish multi-generational 20ha family farm, where the food came from the land and on-farm processing.

For the last 4 years she has been transforming an urban garden into a Food Forest, based on her Permaculture Design Certificate project, and continues upskilling in permaculture design under the mentorship of Tomas Remiarz in the frame of UK Diploma in Applied Permaculture. She completed a Training Permaculture Teachers course with Alfred Decker in 2022.

Joanna has co-authored a range of permaculture workshops that supported farm start-up and community organisations in Poland, and developed extensive teaching curricula (see Lifegiving Garden course, 2022). She has implemented cross-sectoral, intergenerational Agro-Perma-Lab trainings & knowledge exchanges on: Agroecology & Global Governance of Food & Agriculture (LUSH-funded, 2019), Community Seed Homes (2020), Permaculture Education (2021), Agroecology Schools Toolkit (2023).

Joanna applies Integral Theory across a range of creative productions and projects; she makes short films, web-docs, podcasts, visual publications and conducts Action Research. In teaching food growing skills and ecosystem design, she sees the most direct way to recover ecological sensitivity, to foster inner growth of planetary awareness, as well as to support ethical practical participation in eco-social transitions.

Educator experience


5-year educational design experience at Ekopoletko, Agro-Perma-Lab and Ecological Flk Highschool, in collaborations with various organisations (2018-2023);
4-year transformation of urban Allotment Number 18 into a forest garden based on a permaculture design (2019-2023);
1-year coordination of an educational garden and agroecology workshop at the Cohabitat Foundation (2018);
3 years running EKOPOLETKO, CSA and micro-farming lab on a local commercial scale (2015-2018);

Educator qualifications


  • Diploma in Applied Permaculture (Permaculture Association UK), under mentorship of Tomas Remiarz (2021-to date);
  • Certified Permaculture Educator - Training Permaculture Teachers course from Permaculture Association UK (2022);
  • Permaculture Design Certificate and Advanced Social Systems Design at the Permaculture Women's Guild international permaculture design school (2021);
  • State qualification in the profession RL.02 Conducting agricultural production (2019);
  • Diploma and 2-year apprenticeship in organic agriculture course at the Ecological Folk Highschool (2016-2018);
  • Level 2 Certificate in Organic Horticulture, Organiclea / London City&Guilds (2013); 1-year Apprenticeship at Organiclea (2012);
  • Sustainable beekeeping course in a non-extractive model, Warre Hive (2013), at Organiclea