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Resilient, regenerative local communities inspiring change, embodying innovation, and taking solid action to tackle the climate, biodiversity, and energy storm head-on.

What’s not to love, but how do we get there?


Who is this for?

Community Climate Coaches (CCCs) is an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in climate action, community-led development and sustainability to build their skills and knowledge to encourage local and regional climate action. Overall, it is designed to support communities to develop climate action plans, and implement actions that build local and regional resilience in the face of the multiple social and ecological crises, and the opportunities this creates for change. 

Community Climate Coaches provides an approach to train, support and enable community facilitators, coaches and catalysts to support communities in this vital process of visioning, planning and implementing change. Our objective for the CCC initiative is to enhance the capacity to scale and accelerate climate and biodiversity action, and a just transition through sustainable community-led initiatives, in order to strengthen the resilience and wellbeing of communities, individuals and local places.

These webpages are therefore particularly designed for:

  1. Any individuals, organisations or networks involved in community climate action and related activity to strengthen local resilience who feels that Community Climate Coaches may be able to help them in this challenging and hopefully rewarding process;
  2. Anyone that may want to become a Community Climate Coach.

You can follow the links below to explore more detailed information on key elements of this approach to supporting, accelerating and deepening community climate action and community resilience…

Who are we?

The Community Climate Coaches (CCC) initiative in the UK is led by Permaculture Association (Britain) in collaboration with other UK partners and a European CCC partnership. We will be running a first CCC training in partnership with Climate Action Leeds / Our Future Leeds early in 2024, funded by the Network for Social Change.

Creating a Community of Practice of Community Climate Activists

The activities of the Community Climate Coaches initiative will lay the foundations for a Community of Practice of Community Climate Coaches - these coaches will organise and facilitate community climate action workshops and engagement processes, and over a period of time, through this process of learning and practice they will refine the Community Climate Coaches Training, Toolbox and support system for rolling out across the four UK nations, with partners in each country. 

By running a series of CCC training in 2024, we intend to establish a diverse learning-network of facilitators, coaches, trainers, volunteers, and agency staff from the various cities and communities who are engaging with community climate action and the CCC approach. If your organisation is interested in hosting a Community Climate Coaches training (e.g. for 20+ people), please see Host A Community Climate Coaches Training 

Visit any of the following pages to find out more about the different elements of the Community Climate Coaches initiative.


Introduction to Community Climate Coaching

six phases diagram

CCC Resilience Pathway & Toolkit

CCC support system

CCC Good Practice Guide & Support System for Community Climate Action

CCC Coach diagram

CCC Competencies & Learning Pathway

Community Climate Coaches training

Community Climate Coaches Training


Regenerative Knowledge Commons

How have we approached Community Climate Coaches?

Watch these videos to understand our approach and to get a feel for some of the tools and methods we are using with Community Climate Coaches.

CCC Two Wave, Six Phase Framework

The core model we are using...

Understanding Leverage Points

A key method for stimulating change...

CCC Iceberg Model

Identifying and recognising the issues below the surface...

CCC Regenerative Development Spiral

The different levels of thinking we are working with...

CCC Siksika Hierarchy of Needs

Cultural continuity depends on community actualisation...

Introductory CCC Presentation

An online workshop as an overview of the CCC system.