The Good Practice Guide

The CCC Good Practice Guide (English) has 5 chapters that address address important aspects of community engagement for climate action and resilience:
1: Good Practice in Community Development and Facilitation
2: Good Practice in Engaging with Local Government
3: Good Practice in Digital Collaboration and Blended Engagement
4: Good Practice in Community Climate Action
5: Good Practice in Inner Transition

The CCC Good and Emergent Practice guide is a compilation of stories and insights from community climate facilitators who are actively engaged in diverse climate actions across Europe. 

The guide features a range of inspiring individuals from different backgrounds, with different skills and experiences, who work in various contexts. The guide demonstrates that there is no single model for a coach and that each will need to adapt their approach to their unique context and conditions. However, the emerging practices highlighted in the guide can be used as a starting point to learn from and build upon.

What are the elements of the CCC support system?

The following elements of the CCC support system, which when used together are intended to help drive, deepen and expand community-led climate action, regeneration and resilience - each link takes you to the webpage that describes that element of the CCC support system:

The 52 Climate Actions website is also designed to be used as a key element and tool within the CCC support system. In particular it is intended that Community Climate Coaches use the 52 Climate Actions website to help engage their local audiences, and to identify the priority actions that communities want to pursue collectively in the short term and the long term, and numerous options for households to pursue, as well identifying areas where they can collectively push for system change at government level. 

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