Community Climate Coaches training

Become a Community Climate Coach!

If you are interested in training as a Community Climate Coach please read the information on this webpage and sign up to the CCC Community of Practice Bulletin to be informed of future CCC training and materials.

Starting in 2024, training will be offered to community groups throughout the UK, with a diverse team of CCC trainers developed.

What is the training?

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in climate action, community-led development, and sustainability to build their skills and knowledge to encourage local climate action. The training involves 24 hours of in-person training, 5 or 6 online sessions typically delivered over a period of 1 or 2 months (around 9 hours) and about 15 hours of preparatory viewing, listening and reading.

What will I learn?

Through the program, you will build your capacity to facilitate and support community-led initiatives, connect people to nature and the places where they live, hold space for creative conversations, and increase understanding and ambition for climate action. You will have the opportunity to empower and support communities in taking community-based actions to address the climate crisis and build personal and collective resilience.

The program is also designed to support participants in building their capacity as facilitators, leaders and change-makers in their communities. If you are passionate about creating positive change in your community through community projects, we encourage you to consider taking the CCC training and joining a collaborating network of Community Climate Coaches.

There are two levels to the Community Climate Coaches training:

  1. An online Introduction to Community Climate Coaching (in preparation) - this is a self-study course that is designed for anyone involved in or interested in community climate action to develop a good understanding of what the Community Climate Coaching approach involves - it covers all the material that is available in these webpages but goes into more depth in key areas, offers more resources and a CCC Course Workbook, and provides you with activities and exercises to deepen your understanding of how to make best use of the CCC approach;
  2. The full Community Climate Coaches training - this uses both in-person and online training, using the Introduction to Community Climate Coaching online course with group online sessions and online support, as well as 24 hours of in-person training, where everything is explored in more depth, normally with local or regional teams of participants training together so that they can explore how they will work together using the Community Climate Coaches approach, tools, resources and support system.   


How do I apply?

If you are interested in taking the CCC Training, you can apply by filling out this [CCC Enquiry form], or use it to let us know if you have any questions. If you are interested but have any additional needs that may affect your participation, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you want to take the self-study online course please follow this link Introduction to Community Climate Coaching online course [link to Mighty Networks platform be added]


Host A Community Climate Coaches Training

We are seeking community organisations to host training for the 2024 Community Climate Coach programme across the UK, particularly those already engaged in working with people in different sectors, including harder-to-reach communities - these trainings can take place from April 2024 onwards.

People trained by the Community Climate Coaches programme will be invited to work in teams to support the delivery of climate action engagement processes, workshops, events and other training held in each district or city they work in. This involves using the key elements of the CCC approach which are outlined on the CCC Resilience Pathway and Support System pages.


What is the commitment?

As a participant in the CCC training, you commit to 3 days of in-person training, 5 or 6 online sessions and preparation time for these sessions - around 48 hours in total, usually apread over 1-2 months. As a host for a CCC training, we ask that you provide the venue and catering, an agreed number of participants, and work with us to secure funding for the training, if you do not have this available, and to market the training to your networks and ours. Optional experts and support sessions will also be available.


Do I need previous experience?

We consider the CCC training to be an Intermediate level (it is not a basic introduction to climate action), and encourage both people with or without prior experience in climate action to participate as this program is open to anyone with passion and commitment to creating positive change in their community. Depending on your role, you may be able to include this training as part of your Continued Professional Development, allowing you to act on climate, biodiversity, and social issues in your workplace, personal, or communal life.
The CCC training curriculum uses both virtual and in-person training and activities, starting from an explanation of the overall training purpose and learning objectives, as well as technical considerations to keep in mind. The training follows the 6 phases of the CCC learning pathway, and includes teaching support material such as posters, videos and recommended readings.


Becoming a Community Climate Coach

The Community Climate Coach training:

Inevitably, this is a long journey we are all on to respond in positive and meaningful ways to climate change and the other significant problems of our time. This will involve challenges, significant learning, and we hope generate satisfaction, hope and fulfilment. The Community Climate Coaches training provides an opportunity to take significant step in the right direction - it is the journey that lies beyond the training, working with communities, with other coaches, community catalysts and regenerative practitioners that will define the positive outcomes you generate from being a Community Climate Coach... 


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