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collecting acorns for natural dye

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About me

Ethnobotanist and  Education and Nature Connection Director  at Apricot Centre

My journey as a permaculturalist has seen me develop my passions around social and person based permaculture and learning from the land.  I work with the permaculture ethics and principles along with traditional ethological knowledge (TEK) and agroecological practices to reconnect people with their cultures, their own TEK and invite the land within.  


I have been with the Apricot Centre since 2015 and have codesigned land with a focus on wellbeing and nature connection, as well as developed a fully accredited set of courses focusing on regenerative agriculture.   Permaculture ethics and principles are woven through the work that I carry out at the Apricot Centre.


My own permaculture practices focuses on embodied practice, Ethnobotony and nature connection particularly at farm scale. 


I have taught the PDC since 2017 and become a Diploma Tutor in 2023.  I have specialist knowledge in Ethnobotony, eco therapeutic practice and education. 



Diploma Tutor Experience

I have been a diploma tutor since 2023, but have been teaching Permaculture Design Certificate and Accredited courses in Regenerative Agriculture since 2021. I have supported Marina O'Connell in her diploma teaching since 2020 as an apprentice tutor. I have a degree in Design and Higher Certificates in psychology with ecopsychology. With a diploma in Ethnobotany.

Diploma Tutor Skills

Specialisms include
Practical Ethnobotony and deep nature connection,
Regenerative Agriculture
Embodied Permaculture
Traditional Ecological Knowledge

children and permaculture

Educator experience

I have been teaching for over 10 years both within secondary school and higher education settings. With a specialism in teaching and learning I have experience in developing curriculum , schemes of work and both accredited/non accredited courses within land based studies.
As the director of the education at Apricot Centre I support other educational and training establishments to build their own formal and informal training opportunities.
I teach Introduction to Permaculutre, Permaculture Design Certificate, Diploma Tutor, Level 2,3,4 in Regenerative Agriculture, Ethnobotany, Heritage crafts ( basket weaving and natural dyes)

Educator skills

Teaching and learning
Train the trainer
Curriculum and Scheme of Work Development
People and Permaculture,
Technical Design Skills
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Indigenous wisdom

Educator qualifications

Diploma in Permaculture Design, Diploma in Ethnobotany, Foundation Certificate in Therapy Outdoors (Ecopsychology) , , Social Forester Level 3 Dip. , Level 3 Counsellor for Women and Girls, Bachelor of Arts (1st award) in Design, Certificate of Higher Education Psychology, Qualified Teaching Status