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About me

My present passion is Permaculture education - I teach and convene Permaculture Design Courses, Introductory Weekends and a variety of specialist and advanced offerings, including 'People and Permaculture' courses, 8 Shields inspired events and facilitator trainings. My specialism is in People Permaculture - researching and spreading the tools and patterns of regenerative culture.

I am also an active designer, consultant and mentor in both land-based and people-centred permaculture, working for various projects, individuals and community groups in the UK and Europe.

Some history - after being involved in the direct action protest movement in the 1990's for several years,I became inspired by the idea of 'Positive impact living', and went to the first Natty Gathering at Brickhurst farm in August 1998, where I did my Permaculture Design Course. I then went on to co-found the Steward Community Woodland sustainable living project in Devon, where I lived for seven years, learning to live in community, and learning how to grow, build low impact structures, make good compost and manage a woodland. I left the community in late 2007 to move to London, and now divide my time between Dartmoor and Portugal - teaching, learning, designing, singing and cycling.

I completed my Permaculture Diploma in May 2007, which included designs for events, low impact building construction, land management and perennial gardening. I am a registered Permaculture Diploma Tutor and Permaculture teacher. I graduated the Designed Visions 'Training of Teachers' course in 2006, and have co-taught the Permaculture Design Course with Aranya and others since 2007. I have led PDCs in many countries, from England to Scandinavia to Jamaica. Since 2011 I have been actively involved in the 8 Shields 'Art of Mentoring' movement in the UK, which has hugely inspired and added to my people and personal Permaculture work.

My specialist skills include

  • Teaching
  • Music
  • Low impact construction
  • Communication and community living
  • Mentoring
  • Woodland management
  • Nature connection
  • Personal, social and cultural development tools.


I have also self-produced 2 albums of acoustic Permaculture songs, and contributed my song 'Grassroots Sustainable Futures' to the 'Earth Stars' Permaculture fundraising CD. 

Diploma Tutor Experience

People and Permaculture, community living and community development, low impact buildings, woodland management, teaching and facilitation, events, communication and regenerative culture.

Diploma Tutor Skills

Music, teaching, buildings, community living and communication, low impact living, personal development, mentoring, nature awareness, regenerative culture.