Forestry / woodlands

Bluebells 7, by catimages on Flickr, shared under CC BY 2.0

It is hard to envisage any system of sustainable land management that does not involve extensive use of trees.

At a landscape scale, trees provide vital habitats for wildlife, timber for construction and fuel, aid soil and water management, and have high aesthetic and recreational value.

"Trees are central to ecosystems, not just because they are large, but rather because they affect the larger climate. Water flows differently due to trees. The wind is blocked, deflected, slowed or funneled depending on how trees are arranged. Light can be blocked, or its heat can be concentrated into specific areas. Soil is built, enriched and sheltered by trees. Animals, insects and other life forms all rely on trees to thrive. They are the go-between for the energy entering, absorbed, and dispersed within natural systems."

Geoff Lawton