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Permaculture teacher living in Norway, originally from UK. Passionate about co-creating with nature as mentor, to create regenerative designs for inner and outer landscapes. I teach the permaculture foundation course (PDC) in Norway, co-facilitate the online permaculture teacher training with Alfred Decker and run online courses in forest garden design. I have designed many forest gardens, from small backyards to a large food forest on a public rooftop in Oslo. I received my permaculture diploma in Norway in 2024 , took the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2015, Permaculture Teacher Training in 2022 and am a certified facilitator of The Work That Reconnects.
I worked as a DJ and composer for dance theatre, until I became hooked on permaculture after becoming a mother and starting a "Transition Town" group. I shifted my life focus to social change and earth activism.
I have been active in liberation movement work since my teenage years and have led countless community projects, voluntary organizations, festivals, events and courses and been active in politics since 2015 - all with an intention to play my part in "The Great Turning!"
I run the permaculture course platform "Earth Mentor Me".

Educator experience

I have co facilitated nine Permaculture design courses (PDC) 

Online courses - forest garden/permaculture garden design

Workshops in growing mushrooms

Cofacilitating permaculture teacher training

Online Wintering course 

Work That Reconnects workshops and retreats

Educator skills

Participatory methods. 

Permaculture design course (general topics)

Specialisms: food forest design, social permaculture, The Work That reconnects, mushrooms.

Creating, marketing, selling online courses, Event/course organising.

Educator qualifications

Permaculture teacher training (Rosemary Morrow´s course) with Alfed Decker & Cathrine Dolleris - 2022

Permaculture diploma focused on design for facilitation, courses and site design 2024