Aline VaMo

Aline at Regen Ag training Menorca
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Educator experience

Water Design: Rain water catchment and storage, domestic waste water regenerating systems, water in the landscape - design and training through our permaculture designers' cooperative
"RetroSuburbia" type permahub development: Can Cel, our home in the Vallalta, Alt Maresme, Barcelona, Catalunya
Living Soil, Forest Gardens and Perennial Food Systems: Collaborating with Julio Cantos and coordinating the community network for the maintenance of Permaculture Circles, an educational and experimental demonstration site (Analog Forestry and other Agroforestry techniques in the Mediterranean climate, clay soils) of PermaMed, from 2015 to 2019. Agroforestry projects in the Vallalta, Alt Maresme, Catalunya, from 2020 till now (sandy soils - "sauló").Training in this field received from Darren Doherty, Ana Digón, Joel Salatin, Sergi Caballero, Carlos Martinez, Richard Perkins, Planeses (LIFE Polyfarming), Francesc Font and Manuel Buades from Organic Managers, Josep Ramon Sainz de la Maza... 
Group/Organizational Design: I am a co-founder of PermaMed and we co-design trainings, workshops and talks, the trajectory of the association, etc., in person but also across borders, online, for example in the steering group of the state wide network of Spain "Permacultura Íbera" and its Academy (from 2015 till now), and in the International Permaculture CoLab, amongst other collaborations and group work (EUPC, EUPN, collaborative PDCs or workshops, bioregional events etc). 
Facilitator of permaculture workshops in and design of Educational Centers (PermaEduca Project of, Erasmus+ project with Gaia Education): With primary school children (Garden, Compost, Design) as well as in Secondary schools (Economics workshops) and for teachers (Gaia Youth Manual).  Facilitator of Gaia Education's Ecological Dimension and Design Studio. 
PDC and Diploma: From 2015 till now: co-facilitating at least one PDC per year (PermaMed or La Casa Integral) From 2018 till 2021: tutor of the online courses of the Integral Permaculture Academy From 2018 till 2021: Co-facilitator of the Permaculture Women’s Guild Online PDC, Interior Landscape Design and Invisible Structures. Diploma tutor since 2019.

Educator skills

Consulting and Design for the Individual, the Home, the Community - La Casa Integral in Catalunya and on the Balearic Islands Hydrological Design for the Home (Waste Water Systems and Natural Pools) Regenerative Tourism Project Design and Consulting Design Consultations with Facilitation of PDCs Collaborator of the Permaculture CoLab's Translation Circle Online facilitator for Gaia Education: Design for Sustainability (Ecological Dimension and Design Studio)

Educator qualifications

1st PDC with Richard Perkins, Darren Doherty, Maria Svennbeck and Julio Cantos - Mallorca, 2011 Permaculture Teaching Matters with Rosemary Morrow - Mallorca, 2015 Dynamic Groups with Robin Clayfield - Mallorca 2015 and 2017 Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design accredited by Stella (Estefania) Strega at the Integral Permaculture Academy - EUPC Ireland, August 2018 ACE with Looby MacNamara