Water and sewage

Abundant clean drinking water is essential to health, for human, animal and plant life to prosper. Dealing effectively with biological waste is essential to maintaining sanitary conditions allowing the flow of clean water.

In the more technologically developed world, large investments of energy are dedicated to collecting, moving and cleaning water, while in the less developed world, access to drinking water is a key area requiring investment and improvement, together with sanitation and, irrigation for revegetation and rearing livestock.

Human-caused environmental degradation, such as deforestation attributes to the extremes of flooding and drought, putting greater pressures on populations around the globe. Respect for water conservation, and preservation of clean water supplies is fundamental. Cost effective, easily implemented ways to make sure that water gets to where it is needed, using minimal energy are highly preferable. To employ natural ecosystem services and processes to reduce pollution and improve distribution, filter, manage and make use of waste water and sewage, are among the key approaches Permaculture design can employ to achieve this.