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I am an active permaculture teacher and practitioner currently living and farming in Snowdonia, North Wales; with occasional forays into the world of international development.

I spent eight years, from 2006-2014, living in Palestine (Bethlehem) and working on projects there and in the Israeli Negev. A lot of my work focused on using permaculture as a land-based resistance strategy for communities facing displacement, and to strengthen community resilience in the face of occupation and colonisation.

I helped found Bustan Qaraaqa permaculture farm in 2008, and coordinated our community projects for 4 years. On leaving, I built on this experience to promote grassroots environmental action, and became a coordinator of GREAN Palestine (Grass Roots Environmental Action Network, Palestine).

I was the coordinating permaculture teacher in the PermaNegev program of Reinventing Roots from 2012-2013, working in a Bedouin village teaching PDCs and developing a demonstration site.

Since 2013, I have been helping to develop and small commercial organic farm in Wadi Rum, designing the agroforestry and agro-ecology components of the system, alongside my colleagues at; a sustainable farming consultancy company of which I am a co-director. Other projects I have undertaken with Byspokes include setting up household gardens in the Negev in cooperation with Sidreh and running PDC courses and designing a permaculture research program with MA'AN Development Centre.

In 2015 I became a member of Tyddyn Teg Workers' Co-op in Snowdonia, Wales: an organic farm and Community Supported Agriculture project. This is now my main base of operations, and my first experience as a commercial grower. We are using permaculture design to develop our project from both land-based and invisible sector perspectives; participating in local, regional and international permaculture networks to be part of the growing movement for a better world.

Educator experience

Project design, community network building, project management and implementation, small-scale farm design, household garden design, course design and implementation

Educator skills

Intensive vegetable production,
Agroforestry (particularly arid zones),
Hydrology and water management,
Soil conservation and fertility creation,
Social networking and community building,

Educator qualifications

Permaculture Design Certificate (Marda Permaculture Farm, 2010, Coordinating teacher Brad Lancaster);
MPhil Soil Science (Belowground Carbon Dynamics, University of Wales Bangor, 2007);
BSc Ecology (Durham University, 2003)