The Permaculture Association

Permaculture Association members touring a permaculture garden - Those Plant People

More people doing more permaculture

We support our members and others in the permaculture network to design thriving communities across Britain by applying permaculture ethics and principles, and to contribute to permaculture worldwide.

Whether you are involved in gardening, farming, planning, building homes, economic regeneration, or business, using permaculture design empowers you to make the right choices for a sustainable future.

By putting ethics first and using natural systems as a model, there are simple and innovative ways to live fairly and sustainably now and in the future.

A participatory organisation

Sharing and self-organising are strengths of the permaculture network. The Permaculture Association has a participatory structure so members can be directly involved.

Our board of trustees is elected from the membership and guides our work. Voluntary working groups lead development. Any member may stand to be elected or ask to join a working group. Members volunteer as Permaculture Ambassadors and in other roles.

We work to deliver the decisions taken by our members and to support them. We also work with other organisations in Britain and Europe on larger projects that support permaculture. We have put in place scaleable office admin systems so that volunteers and staff based remotely from each other can work collaboratively.

We initiate and collaborate with academic and citizen science permaculture research.

Designing the future

With permaculture we can design an abundant world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, whilst living within nature’s limits.

Our work is set out in more detail in our strategy 2015 -2020.

Permaculture Association work


Andy Goldring, CEO Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association is dedicated to supporting an ever growing network of permaculture practitioners, increasing knowledge of permaculture within our society, developing permaculture theory and practice, and building an evidence base that supports this. My work as CEO is to carry out the intentions of the board of trustees, and to coordinate the direction of the many projects, network and events that facilitate these aims.

I have been Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association since 1999, having previously been a trustee and regular volunteer.



Joe Atkinson, Learning Coordinator


Cath Marsh, Coordinator, Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

I look after the Diploma network - so that's 450+ apprentices, tutors and diploma holders. Together with the Diploma Working Group, I organise the Diploma Gathering (usually held every 9 months) which is a great weekend of workshops, tutorials and inspiring accreditations. If you've done your Permaculture Design Course and are interested in finding out more about the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, please drop me a line.



Chris Warburton Brown, Research Coordinator

I have been Research Coordinator of the Permaculture Association for five years. I coordinate permaculture research in the UK, run the Permaculture Research Digest, support interns and volunteers, maintain the research pages of the Permaculture Association website, and have led various research projects. I am also coordinator of the Permaculture International Research Network, the world’s first such network, with 800 members in 70 countries. I organised the programme for the International Permaculture Conference in London in 2015, the world’s biggest permaculture research event. I have previously worked in organic farming and retailing, anti-poverty work, and for many years taught history and archaeology.


Naomi van der Velden, International Coordinator / GROW - Senior Researcher in agroecology

Working largely on the Next Big Step project, and the Permaculture CoLab that has evolved from this, I am helping a global team to enhance coherence between permaculture practitioners, organisations, and others around the world. We have supported the emergence of international networks like the African Permaculture Union, and collaborative efforts like the Permaculture Statement on Climate Change. We are now working on structures and processes to help support more groups and teams to form and work on areas of shared passion. I work on this one day a week.
The GROW Observatory is a Europe-wide citizens' observatory for family farmers, gardeners and growers. The Permaculture Association is one of 20 partners in this European consortium. I will be leading the collaborative design of citizen scientist experiments and Chris Warburton-Brown is focused on engaging our wider networks. This project started in November 2016 and runs for three years. There will be lots of opportunities to be involved - please sign up via the link above if you are interested in growing food and improving your soils. I work on GROW two days a week.


The permaculture network in Britain

Beth Ramsay, ScotLAND Outreach Worker

I provide outreach support for the ScotLAND project ; a Scotland-wide network supporting and creating permaculture Learning And Network Demonstration (LAND) Centres. I coordinate and promote our network of Learners, Centres and tutors; encourage new Learners and Centres to join the network; manage applications, help to organise skill-share events; and identify and liaise with hard-to-reach and groups. I also coordinate The Group Visit Scheme.


Cara Wilson, Wales Network Coordinator

I am Wales’ Permaculture Coordinator 2016-2018, my role is to help all groups and projects link up, learn and share with each other. I am here to support volunteers already working on coordination, web, education and regional groups.  My work is currently one day a week, so a big task is to fund raise, and find funds that local groups can use. I want to hear from you – good ideas, questions, needs, offers – do get in touch!


Dan Hurring, Events Coordinator

I am here to ensure that the Association is able to offer an increasing range of high quality professional events that introduce new people to permaculture, nurture our membership and raise funds towards the ongoing work of the organisation. Events are core parts of the Association activities, bringing together people to share learning, offer community support and celebrate, and include our Convergences, regional events, the AGM and other one-off activities.


Membership and networking

Nicola Bell, Membership Coordinator

I look after the Permaculture Association's membership. We have1400 fantastic members in the network, a number we're aiming to grow. It is my job to support our members to use their membership benefits, and to encourage more to join. If you would like to join as a member or need any help with your membership please get in touch!

I also coordinate the Permaculture Association's suite of websites, so if you have any website related issues do not hesitate to get in touch.


Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Strategic Communications Coordinator

I have an overview of the organisation's communications. Regular tasks include compiling and editing the quarterly members' newsletter Permaculture Works (you'll receive it if you're a member), sending the monthly ebulletin, and managing social media. I am also coordinating the Permaculture Ambassadors project an exciting, ambitious project that will support hundreds of communicators across Britain. The Permaculture Association and its members do so much great work, it's my role to help them communicate this effectively and widely.


Helen White, Finance Coordinator