More people doing more permaculture

Those Plant People back yard pumpkinWhat is permaculture? If you are looking for some basic information about what permaculture is you can find that here.

Using permaculture design empowers you to make the right choices for a sustainable future. Whether you are involved in gardening, farming, planning, building homes, economic regeneration, or business.

By putting ethics first and using natural systems as a model, there are simple and innovative ways to live fairly and sustainably now and in the future.

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You can read about last year's work in detail in our Annual Report.


A participatory organisation

Sharing and self-organising are strengths of the permaculture network. The Permaculture Association has a participatory structure so members can be directly involved.

Our board of trustees is elected from the membership and guides our work. Voluntary working groups lead development. Any member may stand to be elected or ask to join a working group.


Our staff

Our team are all remote however we do have an office in Leeds where we meet on a quarterly basis.

Read all about our staff here.


Our strategy

Our strategic approach is set out in more detail in the newly updated document 2019-2030 strategy: navigating the storm towards calmer waters, our response to the 'make or break' years.

You can download a 2 page summary or the full strategy document.

The strategy is in 'perpetual beta' meaning it is under ongoing review, providing a framework for action, rather than a detailed plan month by month. Contact the CEO to give feedback or offer support.


Permaculture Association vision, purpose and aims


A healthy and peaceful world, where we care for each other, the earth and future generations, share resources wisely and continue to heal and regenerate communities and ecosystems.


To build a network of systems thinkers with the power to create healthy cultures and ecosystems.


1. Make permaculture accessible

2. Accelerate learning about permaculture

3. Grow permaculture networks

4. Share and develop permaculture practice

5. Work with others to tackle key challenges

6. Build a smart, effective, socially responsible and sustainable organisation.


Governance is carried out by our brilliant Board of Trustees, using an approach called 'Policy Governance' developed by John and Miriam Carver. It's our permaculture design for how we govern the charity.

Members can stand for election each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in November. Members are encouraged to apply early in the year so that they can learn about the board and the role and make a well-informed decision about standing for election.

We are currently recruiting for new Board members. Please see the Permaculture Association trustee pack to find out more. Applications to join the Board of Trustees can be made here and the deadline for applications is Monday 16th October. To complete the form you will need to include the name of a member of the Permaculture Association who is willing to nominate you as a trustee. If you are interested, we encourage you to talk to us about this opportunity before filling in the application form. Please email our Chief Executive, Andy Goldring, in the first instance and we can arrange a call. We are also offering an online session on Tuesday 12th September to meet people who are interested in joining as a Trustee. Again, let Andy know if you would like to attend that call. 

You can read the 2020-2021 Trustees Annual Report (including accounts) here, which covers the period from 1st July 2020 - 30th June 2021.

The last five years of accounts and trustee reports can be accessed on the Charity Commission website.

Read about our current Board of Trustees