Permaculture Association Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


Jennifer Lauruol

A designer and trainer with over 40 years’ experience, I specialise in urban gardens, and designs for families, schools, healthcare providers, community groups and people with disabilities. I have run my own business,  Carpe Diem Gardens permaculture design practice in Lancaster UK, since 1996. A keen allotmenteer, I also enjoy long-distance walking, swimming and cycling.


Philip Blandford

Philip is the longest standing member of the Board of Trustees and acts as Honoreary Treasurer. In his day job he manages the finances at St Martin in the Fields charity.


Sandy James

Having grown up with permaculture I came onto the board in 2015 looking to contribute to the strategic and policy direction of the movement in the UK. Since then I have enjoyed learning how the association functions and meeting the responsibility of a trustee in the inclusive and friendly environment of the board of trustees.

My background as a research academic has also helped me to carry out projects on behalf of the association which have been presented at convergences and conferences.


Graham Wood

I became a Permaculture Association trustee in 2015 and like to think that I bring my professional business knowledge and experience to help our organisation by being a proactive member of the Board of Trustees.

For over 20 years I ran my own Management Consulting business, doing analysis and design on projects for a wide range of industries, but I’ve now decided to redesign my life and better utilise my time on Permaculture and Transition related initiatives.

Did my PDC in 2014 and then moved straight on to starting my diploma, but I believe I’ve been utilising permaculture type methods for well over 30 years without knowing it, both in business and home life, following the many and very practical ways my father and grandfathers taught me from an early age. So to me permaculture is more than just land based and is mostly organised common-sense.

Our family home is in Cheshire where we’ve 2 acres of mixed woodland that I’m lucky enough to be able to use for experimenting on all things permaculture. My current interests and activities are in:

Urban permaculture combined with Aquaponics;

Enabling youngsters to be actively involved in permaculture;

Teaching permaculture related subjects and mentoring business start-ups.

Developing various ways to enable people to have truly sustainable incomes.

Jon Kean

I worked for many years as a management trainer and business planning consultant, latterly specialising in Sustainable Procurement. I have been an organic gardener since 1976, am a qualified teacher and hold an MSc in ecology. I naturally moved intoPermaculture and have been a member of the Education Working Groupsince it formed.

With Cheryl, I jointly run Pennerley Permaculture which has been a LAND centre since June 2012. We work bio-dynamically and I have a real passion for Forest Gardening.


Les Moore

I hold a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and specialise in urban regeneration.

I'm an internationally recognised visiting expert in community currency development and am responsible for innovation and the development of registration services using open money protocols across Europe. I have over 20 years of experience within community currencies, having set up and run a LETSystems and incentive programmes.

In the UK I broaden the interest in Sociocracy (applied dynamic governance) and practice the techniques of sociocratic governance methods during facilitation and workshop sessions. I facilitate strategic and operational working circles of Sociocracy UK and deliver sociocratic training at permaculture courses and events.

I am the co-founder and managing director of UK social enterprises Common Resource Ltd. and East London Food Access Ltd., where I lead on design, development and research. Using my experience of the UK social enterprise and community sectors, I specialise in applied CSR and innovation, and facilitate, chair and manage a portfolio of community projects.