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Andy Goldringm CEO Permaculture Association

Andy Goldring, CEO The Permaculture Association

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The Permaculture Association is dedicated to supporting an ever growing network of permaculture practitioners, increasing knowledge of permaculture within our society, developing permaculture theory and practice, and building an evidence base that supports this. Andy's work as CEO is to carry out the intentions of the board of trustees, and to coordinate the direction of the many projects, network and events that facilitate these aims.

Andy has been Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association since 1999, having previously been a trustee and regular volunteer.


Steve charter

Steve Charter, Fundraising Coordinator

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Steve’s role is to coordinate fundraising for the work of the association, its members and partners, particularly through well-defined projects that advance the Association's Mission, Vision and Aims. He has a leading role in two EU-funded Erasmus+ projects, International Activating Community Transformation (iACT) and Community Climate Coaches (CCC), was a co-founder of IPEN (International Permaculture Education Network), and is a member of the Education Working Group (EWG). Steve is also a co-founder of two eco-enterprises, with the permaculture ethics being the inspiration for the founding of one of these (Evolution Music).
"There's a lot of great people doing great work in our networks and our organisation - and it feels good to be part of such a beautiful, inspiring and productive ecosystem.
I feel really motivated to work with my colleagues, members of the permaculture movement and our allies and partners to secure resources, and define great projects, that help to significantly expand and deepen the beneficial impacts of our work."




Jemma Findley, Education Lead 

Jemma supports and facilitates the Permaculture Educators' Network, and helps it to reach its full potential.

Her role is to promote permaculture education to the public, to improve access and quality of permaculture education and to work on behalf of the educator members to grow, animate and cohere the Permaculture Educator Network.


Cath Marsh, Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design support worker


Catherine Marsh, Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Coordinator

[email protected]

Cath looks after the Diploma network - so that's 450+ apprentices, tutors and diploma holders. Together with the Diploma Working Group, Cath organises the Diploma Gathering (usually held every March) which is a great weekend of workshops, tutorials and inspiring accreditations. If you've completed your Permaculture Design Course and are interested in finding out more about the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, please drop Cath a line. 




Nicola Bell, Web and Membership

Nicola Bell, Website Coordinator

[email protected]

I coordinate the Permaculture Association's suite of websites, so if you have any website related issues do not hesitate to get in touch.


For me permaculture provides a chance for humans to take their place as beneficial organisms in a balanced ecosystem rather than remaining a destructive force. It's a source of hope during very challenging times.



Nigel White, Web

Nigel White


Nigel works with Nicola to develop the Permaculture Association's use of the web.


I did the PDC in Leeds in 2010. Since then I have learned by visiting many Permaculture sites. 
I have been working with Drupal web sites since 2006 when I set up a community web site for Headingley in Leeds. The Permaculture Association supported me to do an apprenticeship in web development. 
'Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.' Bill Mollison.


Membership and Communications


Katie Bloom 
Katie Bloom, Membership and Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

Katie oversees and delivers the communications work for Permaculture Association as well as managing the membership scheme. With over 1800+ members in our community, Katie supports our members to fully utilise their membership benefits and works to share and promote the fantastic permaculture work our members do.  
If you would like to know more about our membership scheme or would like to discuss communications, please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

I really love being part of a caring and supportive community of people who share the same vision for a healthier planet! 
I think permaculture has a role to play in changing people's relationship with the earth and empowering them to make informed decisions about how to live more harmonious and happy lives.



Kathryn Baker

Kathryn Baker, Projects and Land Co-ordinator

Kath looks after the projects and LAND (permaculture demonstration) network at the permaculture association. Get in touch with Kath if you need support with your project, you want to add your project to our interactive map or if you are interested in becoming a LAND Centre.

She have over 20 years experience in permaculture, grass roots project work, co-ordinating a local food network, horticultural therapy, food growing and seasonal cooking. 

"My job is a constant source of inspiration for me to hear about and visit the incredible projects in our network. It gives me hope that a better future is possible. 

I love that permaculture puts the power back into people's hands by giving them the tools and knowledge to design solutions for the challenges that they face in their own lives."





Sally-Ann Delf, Finance Coordinator

[email protected]

Sally-Ann is the person you contact when you want to send us money, have queries with payments, invoices or anything finance related! She keeps the money coming in and make sure our staff are paid on time!


Rachel profile

Rachel Crosby, Operations Lead

[email protected]
Rachel's role includes People Care and making sure  the systems and processes are in place to make it easier for the team to deliver the ambitious aims of the organisation!


Celia Ashman, Office Coordinator

[email protected]

Most of the team work from home around the UK, however the Permaculture Association has a small office in Leeds that Celia manages.

"Learning and practicing permaculture has had a huge impact on my life personally and it's a privilege and inspiration to be able to support this movement helping more people make positive changes to their lives and our world.”


Staff photo

Maria Paez

International Coordinator
[email protected]

Maria is the link connecting international permaculture communities with the PAB. She's our primary contact for permaculture leaders worldwide, answering their enquiries across the globe and facilitating connections.  Maria is actively seeking organisations, networks and projects that would like to help us to enhance connections and their visibility within the permaculture movement.

"At this point in time, there is an increased need for meaningful dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration to strengthen the global permaculture community and enhance our ability to address current and future challenges. If you would like to share your permaculture journey supporting an international community or if you're aware of permaculture initiatives that bring positive change to people and the environment, please get in touch. I would be delighted to connect with you and assist in spreading the message."