Convergence 2016 Programme

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The weekend programme has a broad selection of some of the most inspired and active permaculture teachers, designers and practitioners from across the UK. Plus, Geoff and Nadia Lawton will be joining us, presenting on their work from across the world.

The programme is contributed by Permaculture Association members and partners.



The programme

You can now see the draft timetable - see the PDF here.

For descriptions of workshops please see the following 4 pages:

FridaySaturday morning session detailsSatruday afternoon session detailsSunday session details

There is a lot of content to display, reflecting on a diverse, bursting programme of activities over the weekend.

To view the programme in full, in order to make a decision about which sessions to attend, it's probably best to have several tabs open on your browser. There are 4 webpages in total to view plus the timetable PDF.

Fun for everyone - a group photo from a convergence

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Teachers Meeting

Do you teach permaculture? You'll want to know about the Teachers Meeting, taking place the day before the convergence at the same venue.


The Teachers' Meeting will explore the future of permaculture education in the UK. All permaculture teachers welcome!

See the main convergence 2016 page for full information about the convergence.


We welcome children and families at the Convergence. Under-5s enter free, whilst parents of 5-15 year olds are charged a modest contribution to cover food and a little bit on top.
At our Childrens Area, kids are welcome to jump into a creative, fun-filled, permaculture-inspired activity programme in our beautiful, wild adventure playground. Under 4s can get involved if they’re accompanied by an adult.
Activities include:-
* Storytelling * Foraging for costumes * Foraging for decorative items and making a mandala * Face-painting * Creating little houses for woodland creatures (incorporating permaculture design principles) * More permaculture for children activities * Cooking food on a fire * Making instruments * Making music / sing-songs * Circus skills