Teachers Meeting

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The Teachers' Meeting will take place the day before the convergence at the same venue. It will explore the future of permaculture education in the UK.

Meals plus dormitory accommodation included. A sliding scale fee of £35-£45


About the event

For the last few years the development of the educator/teaching community has taken a back seat to delivering funded projects and events.

However, in that time we've been able to build up a small financial surplus that we can now invest in building a truly engaged, inclusive and collaborative teaching community.


Creating more sustainable livelihoods for all

We know that our educators, teachers and tutors are capable of great things individually. And we believe that together - with a democratic and transparent structure that enables collaboration, and pools our skills and resources - we can create more resilient and sustainable livelihoods for all.

Come along and explore how we can create a collective social enterprise together!



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Booking and further information
Dates and Times
Thursday, 1 September, 2016 to Friday, 2 September, 2016

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From 7pm Thursday evening to 3pm Friday afternoon.

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