Witchhazel Wildwood

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Notes about contacting me

By email: [email protected]

About me

* I am registered as a Diploma Tutor and I am offering design tutorials, technical tutorials and Portfolio Assessment, also group Diploma Support Weekends. I am happy to work with apprentices by email/phone, Skype, zoom or face to face (where possible!).
* I went on my first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in 2000 at Green Adventure in London. I did a second PDC – the “Earth Activist Training” with Starhawk and Penny Livingstone-Stark in 2006 at Ragman's Lane. I completed my Permaculture Diploma in 2011. I have been working as a Diploma Tutor since 2016.
* I trained as an arborist in 2003 and specialise in woodland and orchard management and consultancy.
* I have led many Permaculture Introduction courses, and have so far taught on 5 Permaculture Design Courses, one of which I led in Swansea.
* I currently work for The Orchard Project as one of two Swansea Project Managers, supporting community orchards (both new and old), accredited orchard training and consultancy. I also work freelance running training in orchard pruning, permaculture, arboriculture, forest gardening, horticulture, conservation and woodland management. I have a passion for local food resilience and was a founder of Swansea Community Growing Network, supporting local community growing projects and until recently I was also a project mentor for Social Farms & Gardens.
* In 2008 I founded Coeden Fach Community Tree Nursery on Gower. Two land designs and the organisational design for this project form part of my Diploma portfolio. I have recently been successful in achieving a second planning application for this organisation, this time for our new site in a historic park in Swansea.
I have a variety of experience with organisational structures, finances and the setting up of new organisations, also site design, planning and set up.
* I also have experience as a counsellor/counselling trainer and I am interested in group dynamics.
* I designed and built my own timber-framed house on Gower. I lived off-grid for 10 years prior to that. I am happy to share the house building experience and the design is available on request.
* 4 of my 10 diploma designs are available on this website (Go to "DISCOVER" "DESIGNS")

Diploma Tutor Experience

* Land Based - Orchard and woodland management and consultancy. Designing and running a Tree Nursery.
* Food resilience - Food growing on personal and community level.
* Organisational - Mentoring and supporting community growing projects
* Education and Training - Permaculture Introduction courses and PDCs.
* Personal - Lifestyle, Transport

Diploma Tutor Skills

* Orchard management, woodland management, forest gardens, land management and conservation
* Training and consultancy in all the above areas.
* Food resilience
* Timber frame self-building and the planning process in an AONB. (my house design is available by request)
* I currently work for The Orchard Project in Swansea, supporting community orchards (both new and old) and leading on our accredited Certificate in Community
Orcharding Course (CICO) in Swansea and Bristol.
* Organisational structures, including permaculture designs.
* Project management - I have worked as a Project Manager for over 20 years on a variety of projects.
* The permaculture design process .