Wilf Richards

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About me

I have been learning and practising permaculture since 1994. I took my Certificate course in 98/99 and finished my Diploma in 2003. I have been actively practising permaculture in landscape gardening, community gardening and community development work ever since. I am a member of the Abundant Earth smallholding near Durham City where we grow veg, run a veg box scheme, manage hens, create craft products and run courses. I co-ordinate the North East Permaculture Network and support local Diploma apprentices. I run one main PDC every year in Durham, support intro courses in the area and I am currently in the process of becoming a Senior Tutor on the Diploma programme.

Diploma Tutor Experience

Since 1996 I have been designing and implementing both private gardens and community gardens. From 2000 my focus changed towards Cookes West Wood, the smallholding that I manage with fellow co-members of co-ops - The Land of Roots and Abundant Earth. Here I have been involved with designs for our pasture management, veg box scheme, self foraging hen system, compost / soil fertility system, research design and admin systems.

I also have extensive facilitation and teaching experience. I have designed and delivered events, meetings and courses. I teach the Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Durham and am actively involved in the local Transition Durham group.


I have been the north east Diploma Tutor since 2010, developing a local teacher and diploma group, carrying out LAND tutorials and managing our site, Abundant Earth, as a LAND centre. I am now a Senior Tutor and currently a member of the Diploma Working Group.


Diploma Tutor Skills

Land Management: veg growing, veg box scheme, compost / soil fertility systems and hen management

Admin Systems: accounts, networks and google groups

Community Development: facilitation and event design

Transition Towns: local food, social enterprise development