Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch permaculture teacher

I've spent most of my professional career designing and want to share that experience through sharing, teaching and learning. I'm available to travel and am looking forward creating more synergies and collaborations.

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About me

I've combined my interests in nature and design to provide a permaculture design, drone mapping and orchard care service from my home in Ireland since 2016. Most of my formal educational and professional background is in engineering and design, and I make the most of these skills in the design service. My home is also a testing site for many permaculture ideas and methods including: vegetable growing, rainwater harvesting, stream water abstraction and filtration, drone mapping, fruit tree grafting for nursery establishment, grafting to mature trees, plant propagation from cuttings, seed saving, hot compost, solar PV generation, pig & chicken tractor systems, natural building, forest garden guilds and sheet mulching and hot composting. 

I have completed two PDCs, the first in 2010 in Devon and the other one in 2015 in Ireland. In 2019 I completed a permaculture teacher training course (TPT) and in 2021 completed a "Train the trainer" course which is a State certified teaching qualification. I teach in-person introduction to permaculture courses and specialist courses on design, orchard care, hot-composting and other topics. 

I'm on the Certified Teachers Register of the UK Permaculture Association and I'm available to guest teach on PDCs in Ireland and abroad. The immersive experience and sense of community that can be built on a good PDC is a wonderful thing. Other interests include boat building, swing dancing, juggling and, most importantly, table tennis. I'm a fluent Irish speaker and run some courses in Irish. I've lived abroad for periods and speak French and Spanish well with an intermediate level of German. I'm always keen to learn and use something of the local language of where ever I go.

Educator experience

In 2016 I established a permaculture design service and a small permaculture research & development site in county Cork, Ireland.

Here I've put permaculture design ideas and methods into practice including:

    No-dig vegetable growing
    Rainwater harvesting
    Stream water abstraction and filtration
    Drone mapping
    Fruit tree grafting for nursery establishment
    Grafting to mature trees
    Plant propagation from cuttings
    Seed saving
    Hot compost
    Solar PV generation
    Pig & chicken tractor systems
    Natural Building
    Forest garden guilds
    Sheet mulching

The design service is busy, and since inception I have been providing design and consulting services to home and garden, school, business, NGO and community group projects.

Educator skills

I'm interested in Keyline design and use it as the fundamental starting point for all bigger permaculture projects. To that end I use a drone for mapping to generate maps with low-interval elevation contour lines. Its a fast way to get a good overview of a project and be in a position to begin Keyline designing.

I find that with good surveying, elegant designs ideas end up calling out for attention, so I concentrate on diligently going through the various permaculture analysis tools to build up visual overlays of the site characteristics before designing. When designing I do my best to marry the characteristics of the site with the needs of the inhabitants. I find it very interesting that the most well endowed sites are the most difficult to design, whereas heavily constrained sites are generally the easiest.

I have been developing my home, office and garden as a permaculture research and development site since 2016. Some summer I  supply a veg box each week to a couple of my neighbours.
I maintain a small fruit nursery where I graft local and resistant varieties of fruit to supply my design customers and neighbours. Some interesting grafts include pear to rowan and medlar to hawthorn. I'm also keen on hardwood cuttings, using willow water to aid root development. In the winter I also supply this service to design customers, along with bare-root planting.

In 2016 I also began providing an orchard care service which consists mainly of winter and summer pruning with occasional grafting.
Over the years I feel I've developed an affinity with apple trees and try to treat them holistically. My feelings and thoughts on orchard care ( and many other subjects) align closely with the teachings of Fukuoka who has been a long standing inspiration. I have developed a mass seedballing system and have begun a project on direct seed balling a native woodland shelterbelt on an overgrown verge on a customer site which I believe is the first project of its kind In Ireland.

My home and office is off-grid using solar PV for all electricity requirements. When I have them, I am very keen on combining mob-grazing of poultry with gardening for mutual benefits, and have supplied self-built mobile poultry systems to design customers.
I am a designer at heart and have a love of beautiful functional architecture. I consult the "Pattern Language" architecture book on every design and use the patterns in designing and building lean-tos, sheds and other structures.

I love weaving and building with hazel and willow. I use weaving skills I originally learned in traditional Irish basketry and curach (traditional Irish boat) building to make living woven terraces and other structures.

I have a long standing interest in renewable energy. I designed and installed the PV power system I use at home. I use hot compost seasonally for heating water for showering and have built a functional rocket-stove bath.

Earlier in life I co-authored a publication called  "The Mayo Energy Audit 2009 - 2020" which was an energy usage and renewable energy resource audit of county Mayo in Ireland and forecast of potential scenarios in an energy scarce future.

I have a lived experience of grass roots environmental campaigning and community living, in particular with the Shell to Sea campaign in Ireland. During this time I developed facilitation and group organising skills, along with the other abilities necessary to mount and sustain a long lived, successful environmental campaign. 
Other interests include boat building, swimming and many kinds of sports.

Educator qualifications

B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering specialising in materials and design 2004

PDC with Aranya, Devon, 2010

PDC at Kinsale college, 2015

City and Guilds Chainsaw course 2016

Permaculture Teacher Training Course, Bulgaria 2019

Train the trainer course, online, with DCM Learning 2021

Many other courses related to natural building, orchard care, grafting renewable energy and growing.