Charlotte Lou Langdon

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About me

Wine grower and winemaker - Managing an organic vineyard of 5 acres. We aim to make wines that have a quality to get them into the Michelin starred restaurants who focus on local produce, as well as other small local restaurants. There are 2 danish Michelin starred restaurants that serve our wine. We run our own Trattoria/relaxed restaurant at the vineyard in summertime, where we also focus on locally produced ingredients, and mostly vegetarian food. We try to make it as integrated as possible so we also provide accomodation in beautiful cabins amid the grape vines.

I am a SOIL and soil food web enthusiast!
Grow a garden for self-sufficiency - growing both annuals and perennials - plant nerd especially interested in foraging and medicinal herbs.
I used to volunteer at a LAND centre holding guided tours for groups and disseminating knowledge of medicinal herbs and how they can be used. I love the process of growing, harvesting, drying and using the herbs in different ways. I ended up in Denmark after wwoofing in Scandinavia for 4 years, working with organic and biodynamic farming, growing vegetables, looking after livestock and growing/drying/packing medicinal herbs.

Designer and Consultant - I sometimes help people with permaculture designs for their homes or gardens, but I really prefer to teach people to design for themselves. I studied the permaculture diploma and accredited last year which gave me lots of design experience - so I love the theory around design.

Eco-Builder - I am currently building my own house (tiny house with recycled materials). It's the best experience I've had and I'm loving every minute.
I generally am really interested in Eco-building and have helped build a few different houses (light straw method, straw bale, wood) I especially like working with timber framing and the retro-fitting of older buildings.

I love the work of the Permaculture Association and Permakultur Danmark (the Danish association) and hope that I can join the board again one day. I loved working for the association (5 years on the board) and finding out about how many wonderful people and places there are in the Nordic Countries.

I Teach PDC's at Avnø College in Denmark (english language and lots of inclusive active dynamic learning)
I also teach a hybrid PDC in Danish language (both online and 2 weekends together)
Very happy to contribute to other online courses.

On the way to becoming a diploma tutor both with the Permaculture Association and with the Nordic Permaculture Academy.

Couchsurfer - with a tipi in the garden if you ever want to visit a small danish island.