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About me

My main areas of interest are: suburban living; the arts and coaching. Creatively using and responding to change is a constant as I try and live more simply. 

I am a Permaculture educator, running courses and supporting others via a Permaculture Design Forum and Tutoring Apprentices on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture. 

We're slowly converting our new (to us) house, garden and allotment into more abundant food producing spaces. Our current project is experimenting with a 1m x 4m hot bed, which we've doubled in size this year after the success with it last year. 

Diploma Tutor Experience

Senior Tutor • Zone 00 development - tools for inner change / decision making / understanding our inner life • Creativity - art making, clothes designing, • Business development (20 years experience in a small family run business) • Small and medium garden design • Allotments • Composting • Hot beds • Home permaculture • Community projects • Teaching - PDCs and Group workshops • Charity fundraising .

Diploma Tutor Skills

I am a life and business coach and a creative with many years experience working as a professional artist and designer creating environmentally aware and engaged artwork. I design from a strongly intuitive perspective. I run the 'Permaculture Design Forum' that is an online meeting for individuals to share their designs within a small group. The group size is 6-9 and it runs weekly or monthly. Many have used it to find momentum and focus to complete their diploma. You don't have to be my apprentice nor do you need to be doing the diploma to do it. There's a minimum PDC level to join and past members have included diploma graduates. Apply to join here  

Here's a comment from one participant: 'Carla is an excellent, thoughtful and attentive facilitator. She creates a safe atmosphere for you to share your work and because of that, you end up making quite a lot of friends. You see how much you have in common with the other participants, and you see that things that you are struggling with, other people struggle with too, and sometimes, they've come out the other side and can give you some great advice! And with all those other permaculture enthusiasts to bounce ideas off, you end up with an abundance of things to go away and think about and explore. It has helped me a great deal and I would recommend it to anyone at any stage of their diploma.' More information can be found here  (scroll down the page to see it) 

My approach, as a tutor, is to provide structure and support for your journey where you are in charge and free to explore whatever direction you want to go in. In our first session we will explore how we can work together so that your needs, aims and objectives for your diploma can be met. I offer you my expertise as an assessment level tutor, a permaculture designer and an interconnected human, to help you grow and deepen your learning about the process and reality of Permaculture Designing. I believe it is an exciting, cutting edge field that has enormous potential to bring change for the better. If you're interested in working with me do get in touch, either email or book a free 15 min online call

Educator experience

Leeds PDC teacher since 2020

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