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Visit the new online learning platform to enroll on a range of self study and teacher led courses! Permaculture Association members benefit from discounted fees. Membership is included in the full price.


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Permaculture Association membership for friends or family is a gift that lasts all year round! You'll also be helping to radically and positively change the way we live in the UK by supporting our work. They'll have access to online socials, members area via the website, discounts, networking opportunities and more! Gift now or find out more about membership.


Gift a course

A fantastic gift for those wanting to get a basis for how to apply permaculture in their life and do their own designs. Permaculture Association members benefit from discounted fees. Membership is included in the full price. More courses available to gift from as little as £5!


Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

The Diploma is the next step after the Permaculture Design Course.

With over 500 apprentices and 30 tutors across Britain and overseas, it's a vibrant network that will help you put your permaculture theory into practice and develop a range of new skills.


Introduction to Permaculture Course Certificates

Order certificates for people who complete your Introduction to Permaculture courses.


Permaculture Design Cerfitificates for course graduates

Available to teachers on the Certifying Teachers register. Please log in to the Educator's Portal to buy your certificates.


Permaculture Teachers Guide

This title is no longer available in print. However Educator members can access the pdf version of the Teachers Guide, along with a huge repository of shared teaching resources, ranging from activities and games to films and posters! Please log in and visit the Educators Portal to benefit from this offer.

Described as an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the permaculture message over, this is an excellent guide, illustrating methods for teaching sustainability by 35 leading UK permaculture practitioners.


Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual is a ground-breaking book which shines a permaculture lens to inspire child-friendly, sustainable education.


    Permaculture Scotland T-shirts

    Permaculture Scotland T-shirt in black

    These silky, soft bamboo and organic cotton T-shirts with a beautiful design by Emily Chappell are back in stock! They come in black and green in 2 different styles: traditional loose fitting and light weight fitted with short Raglan style sleeves.

    The T-shirts a re 70% bamboo, 30% cotton with a silky-soft feel. They were all screen printed by hand by eco-friendly printers using water based inks that contain no harmful ingredients at all. The T-shirts are all Fairwear, organic cotton with a 90% reduced carbon footprint – so you can wear these t-shirts with pride!
    Any profit goes to raise money for the wonderful charity Permaculture Scotland 



    Guidebook and Card Set - the perfect gift for new mums and parents!

    The guidebook is a collection of 42 principles which will nourish and empower you on your journey through motherhood. They are affirmations helping you to be present, aware and reflective. This guidebook can be daily inspiration, support in difficult moments and a tool for bonding with other women. The aim is to use these principles to emerge regenerative culMother Nature Book Phototures as mothers, where you value your gifts, reframe challenges and connect with nature and other mothers.

    Included is guidance for running Mother Nature circles, to enable you to create your own circle of support and connection with other women.

    This guidebook is in gratitude for mothers everywhere as creators, teachers, nurturers, leaders.

    May the power of the Mother Nature principles guide you on your path.

    Mother Nature Cards PhotoMotherhood is a time of joy, challenges, growth and transformation. The Mother Nature cards will guide, nourish and empower you.

    Filled with heartwarming, enchanting, powerful images to engage your intuition and innate wisdom. They are combined with 42 concise, relevant principles and affirmations that have been harvested from the collective intelligence and experience of many mothers. See a sample of the cards here