Plot 163b

Forest Garden Allotment

Plot 163b is a 5 pole local authority allotment in the South East of England, in a town called Hertford in the county of Hertfordshire.  It sits next to a community garden which services users attend daily.
The plot is set between a nature reserve and residential housing esate, edged by an abundance of hedges and trees. The plot is quite exposed to the wind and sun with very litte shelter from trees. 
We are in the early stages of designing but we are using the forest gardening and no dig methods to put together our design. Annuals have been integrated into the design.
The plot itself is too small to run workshops on but we could just about manage a tour around it for 3 or 4 people. However there is access at
We are able to run private 1:1 workshops, including the allotment as part of this.
More details to come.

How to arrange a visit: 
Please email us to arrange a visit. There are toilets on site but access is not great for the disabled.
Sustainable transport options: 
It can be accessed from the B1502 which leads off a main A road, the A10. There are good public transport links, with buses running regularly and a train station close by. It is possible to find a space in the residential streets but you have to be lucky to find somewhere
Cromwell Road
SG14 3JY
United Kingdom