Over forty years of experience

The Permaculture Association has come a long way since our early beginnings in 1983. After an initial decade or more of testing to see if it works, we have branched out and delivered a wide range of projects, partnerships and collaborative learning events and opportunities.

We have a great track record ranging from being a key partner in the Local Food Consortium that secured £57.5 million from the National Lottery for over 500 projects across England, to international working in El Salvador and Nepal and participation in high-level soil research with the EU Horizon Programme.

We also provide is fiscal sponsorship, and have been able to support many different new and emerging projects in the UK and internationally to get established, including groups like the Scotswood Natural Community Garden in Newcastle and the PermEzone network in Kenya.

We welcome collaborations and partnerships that help us meet our vision, mission and aims. Please get in touch to explore opportunities.

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Projects and LAND network

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European Permaculture Community Forum

Graham Bell at Cottage Garden open day with people sharing produce

European Day of Sustainable Communities

Protest about climate change

52 Climate Actions

If you're thinking "What can I actually do about climate change?", 52 Climate Actions offers one simple answer: commit yourself to positive action right now. Visit the 52 Climate Actions website now to discover what your next step will be.

Community Climate Coaches training

Community Climate Coaches

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting, Europe-wide community climate action and climate justice project aimed at catalysing, supporting, and co-creating transformative change at the local and (bio) regional levels through community-led initiatives.

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Places transforming communities (iACT)

The iACT project has created these Places Transforming Communities webpages to help increase the number and quality of learning centres across Europe that demonstrate regenerative practices and sustainable living to the public. 

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International Coordination

Mother Nature project timeline

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a strategic partnership between seven European organisations, aimed at developing nature-based methodologies and tools to empower mothers in their personal transformation and strengthen professional capacities to support them in this process. 

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The Permaculture CoLab

The Permaculture CoLab grew out of discussions at International Convergences in 2011, 2013 and 2015. We have taken a lead role and act as fiscal sponsors for this new initiative and space within permaculture, which has the mission of ‘learning to work together to enhance the effectiveness and coherence of local to global permaculture networks.’. Huge amounts of learning and many great initiatives emerging.

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Tools for the Future

Tools for the Future is a programme for individuals and communities that seek to make a difference by establishing more regenerative ways of living. Taking a values-driven ‘de-consumption’ approach, it aims to develop an online toolkit and training programme that will provide an Introduction to Ethical Living. The use of the toolkit will be supported through blended face-to-face and online training. Key partners are Ethical Consumer and IPEN

Recently Completed Projects

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Children in Permaculture

The Permaculture Association was the lead partner in the European Children in Permaculture project which brought together key educators (including schools, permaculturists, parents and others) in order to empower children in a holistic education based on Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Whilst the EU-funded project has now been completed, the partnership continues, including ongoing courses, events and publications. http://childreninpermaculture.com/ 

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The purpose of the BLAST partnership was to enable educators, trainers, facilitators, mentors, and researchers, in delivering transformative learning opportunities to citizens, communities and professionals that engage as change-makers and game-changers in the social-ecological transition.

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Youth in Permaculture

This initiative supports and empowers youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture. Encouraged by Children in Permaculture (CIP), several youths involved in permaculture, and various leaders in the permaculture community formed to create a diverse team from over eight countries and many organizations to begin to build this exciting project. We are delighted to be part of the team! 

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GROW project

The GROW project was a 16-member consortium in a Europe-wide Horizon 2020 research project. We explored how we can build a network of soil focussed citizen science, created a brilliant online ‘Soil to Sky’ course, and engaged many community champions to use a range of low-tech monitoring equipment and helped to validate soil data and a wide range of agroecological farming methods. 

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People’s Food Policy

The People’s Food Policy was a grassroots project developing recommendations for the food policies we would like to see in place. It was a rich collaboration between actors in the food sovereignty network working for a more just and sustainable food system. The report was very influential and many of the recommendations have been picked up by more recent initiatives.