Mixed veg gardening

This was an exciting participatory research project. The first stage of the research was undertaken in 2011 in partnership with Cumbria University. 50 association members partcipated in the trials. The basic idea was to test growing annual vegetables within a polyculture approach - growing them all together rather than in lines or blocks. Read the booklet to find out more about mixed veg gardening. 

You can read the results from the first stage of the trials here. It is hoped that stage two of the trials will be conducted in 2014.

Thanks to the working group - Naomi, Tomas, Stig and Ian - to Garden Organic for their insights in how to run member experiments, and to the following seed companies for providing free seed for the trials:

  1. Edwin Tucker & sons LTD
  2. Beans and Herbs at The Herbary
  3. Garden Organic Ryton
  4. Chase Organics LTD.

Some of the original inspiration for the project came from Nepal. Read about it in the Farmers Handbook developed by Chris Evans.  Feel free to use this information to run your own experiment - if you do, please do send us your results and experiences.