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By Carly Jones 

Tucked away behind the town centre in Newquay lies the vibrant community space of  Newquay Orchard. Built by the community, for the community, this CIC proudly cheers that ‘everyone is welcome!’ With a programme of activities ranging from Learning, volunteering, wellness and social inclusion, they also offer coworking spaces, a charming cafe ‘Heart & Soul’ with a home from home feel, a nurture garden and ‘Grown’ CSA veg bag scheme - where members enjoy a ‘share of the harvest’. 

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Among its many initiatives, they are also developing a supportive environment for individuals with diverse neurological needs, particularly those within the autistic community. Every Thursday, health and well-being drop-in sessions are held from 10 am to 12 pm in the café. 

These sessions serve as a lifeline for many, offering advice and support from housing and mental health to budgeting and community connections. The aim is for visitors to find support in a welcoming space where their needs are understood and addressed.

Regulars joining Newquay Orchard for these sessions are the Autistic Community of Cornwall (ACC), who bring with them a wealth of knowledge, including; mentorship, advocacy, and specialised training, tailored specifically for autistic adults. Through conversations and connections facilitated by the ACC, individuals find a sense of belonging and support and above all… empowerment.

There's a dedicated quiet hour in Heart & Soul, preceding the drop-in sessions, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am every Thursday, where the cafe adjusts its environment a little to accommodate those with sensory sensitivities, small gestures such as dimming lights and a lowering the music volume ensure that everyone, regardless of their sensory needs, feels welcomed and comfortable in the space.

Beyond the drop-in sessions, Newquay Orchard extends its inclusive ethos to education programmes designed to cater to diverse learning styles. Understanding that traditional education methods may not resonate with everyone. They offer a variety of sessions tailored to different people and their needs. Whether it's hands-on workshops on the grounds, horticulture qualifications, experiential learning opportunities, or alternative approaches to skill development, there's something for everyone seeking to expand their horizons in a supportive environment.

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Everyone is Welcome!
As advocates for diversity and inclusivity, Newquay Orchard invites individuals to explore the educational, volunteering and wellbeing opportunities available. 
So, whether you're seeking connection, support, or a place to learn and grow at your own pace, Newquay Orchard will welcome you with open arms. 

Join in
To learn more about Newquay Orchard's neurodivergent programme and education initiatives, visit our website or drop by the wellness drop in, in the cafe on a Thursday to experience the charming, friendly and inclusive community firsthand.

Let's celebrate diversity and create communities where everyone feels valued and supported…. exactly as they are.

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