ARTICLE : Beyond organic: A look at the biodynamic way -

The lack of an accessible book on the biodynamic approach has made it difficult for people to learn about and appreciate its philosophy and methods. Biodynamics is a holistic approach to agriculture that considers every farm or garden as a living, evolving organism. All parts of the system – livestock, crops and soil – are interdependent. But what does this actually mean in practice? The recently published Biodynamic Gardening: Growing Healthy Plants and Amazing Produce with the Help of the Moon and Nature’s Cycles (2015) by Monty Waldin reveals with clarity and detail how biodynamic gardening is done. It’s a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to all the main biodynamic principles and getting a garden started. According to Rachael O. Kelly, trustee of the Biodynamic Association, in contrast to many other books on biodynamics, “this is both a ‘how to’ gardening book and an explanation of the theory behind the practice. Designed to be picked up regularly and accompany you through the growing season, this really is a most comprehensive, practical book.

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