Ras John Cresswell

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Educator experience

=Continuing the management of the design process for one year of a pre-existing and established permaculture farm (7 acres), in the sub-tropics of Australia, Blue Springs Eco Village. 2001 -2002

=Exploring and Experimenting in the world of urban permaculture and incorporating permaculture into large scale urban mushroom production. London, England 2003 - 2005

=Exploring the limits of kaos and random placement within intensive production gardens of zone two. Cortijo los limones, Granada - Spain 2006=2008

=Designing and implementing a mandala garden for a private project at 2000meters altitude, in the shape of the 'seed of life' Sierra Nevada 2009

=Buying, designing and maintaining a food forest farm over eight years in a sub tropical valley of Granada Spain. the project was called Huerta Lechuza it was visited many times and respected by the famous permaculture teacher Patrick Whitefiled, whom I had the pleasure to teach with, and i am also equally blessed to still be working with his Wife Cathy..check out some pictures here of Huerta Lechuza (Garden of the Owls) https://www.flickr.com/photos/huertalechuza/albums Alternatively see an article written by Patrick Whitefield about the project here http://patrickwhitefield.co.uk/growing-abundance-in-southern-spain/ Spain 2008-2016

=Successfully designed and implemented not only a successful house and garden but an education centre to go alongside it, within three months of arriving, by the time the 25 students arrived for the first course the garden was producing enough vegetables to feed them. for more information please check out the website... www.supernatural-permaculture.com or our recent gallery https://www.facebook.com/rasjc/media_set?set=a.10155211561182534.107374… Granada - Spain 2016 - until now

=Design consultancy service and helping others such as Clients, Students, Interns, and Apprentices with their design processes especially mapping contours .

Educator skills

= Food production
= Natural building
– Natural patterns
– Natural geometry
– Natural mathematics
– Natural flowforms
– Shamanism
– Beekeeping
– Indigenous cultures
– African studies and black history
– Music, rythym, waves and vibration
– Sound engineering
– Mycology, mushrooms and mycelium
– Micro-organisms
– Etnobotanicals
– Medicinal herbs
– Plant biology
– Quantum physics
– Megalithic contsruction and its practical uses
– Sacred economics
– Hydroponics
– Breeding and genetics
– Nonviolent communication
– Her-story (History)
– Myth-story (mystery)
– The art of story-telling
– Solar electrics, hot water, solar-steam and hot oil
- Energy production and storage