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About me

Born: Rome-Italy

PDC: Frome,Somerset,U.K. (Oct.08-Mar.09)

Course Tutor: Aranya,Steve Pritchard

Apprentices: Gladys Paulus,Debbie Powell

Dip.Perm.Des. Registration: March 2009
Accreditation:May 2011

Diploma Support Tutors: Steve Pritchard,Bryn Thomas,Martin Crawford,Ken B. Yeomans.

Action Learning Tutor: Pippa Johns

First time,I heard about permaculture was in 1998 when a close friend of mine named Sergio told me that the future will be permaculture.I asked him the future of what and he reply the future of human being.

Then because I have always care about my food (as a good italian!) I started to import from small producers and sell organic italian food to show people across the U.K. that also italian food can be good (In U.K. was full of crap italian food sold from big companies claiming that it was original good quality italian food like Galbani or several dutch products like "Dolmio" etc.) and little bit more sustainable. I started to sell it in London markets and later on all around U.K. with the continental market.It was 2001.

I started to read Permaculture one.

And I think I read that book with my heart and not with my brain.

The organic italian business went bust and in 2004 after a market trader from Germany told me that I could run my diesel van with vegetable oil or biodiesel I applied for a taxi licence in my local council so I could start a rural ecologic taxi business fuelled with biodiesel made from recycled vegetable oil.
Since then I was on a couple of newspapers and BBC world radio,I recived two national awards and one nomination to the South East Business environment award 2008.

When I have been assigned my first allotment in 2007 I decided to study Biodynamic systems and apply my studies in the allotment to produce good food for my family but after carefull investigation I found more suitable for me permaculture which I read about earlier in my life.

During the summer of 2008 I contacted Aranya,I found his contacts on the web and I enroled in my Permaculture Design Course in Frome.Since then many changes in my life happened due to a wider perception of what is around me and how I can be more in charge of my life.
Now,I am fully immerse in my pathway to the Diploma in Permaculture Design and I am involved in many projects (designs and implementations) with my local community.I am planning to go to live in Italy where I have one hectare of mix pasture and woodland to start a small holding following permaculture principles.I would like to be involved to teach permaculture in Italy. I am doing my teacher training with Aranya at moment. I am also studying the last year of the BSc in Environmental studies with the Open University and the Royal Forestry Society Arboriculture certificate.

I would like to thank Aranya and everyone from the PDC 2008/09 in Frome!!!