Michel Thill

Permaculture designer, educator and tutor
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[email protected] 07901036220 (please call or text rather than voice mail)

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About me

Michel has lived in a number of places around the world including at eco-villages and a Permaculture Education Centre in Asia. Such experiences allowed him to explore the relationship between inner and outer resilience, personal transformation as well as the creation of community and environmental sustainability. He now lives and works in London where he teaches Permaculture Design and runs various community and food growing projects. It is Michel’s vision to create an urban example of a regenerative and restorative, life sustaining and flourishing culture, connecting people to each other and the more than human. Inspired by Permaculture principles and the Ecovillage Design Education, he is currently developing a social enterprise project which seeks to create such micro-cultures within London through reinventing our neighbourhoods.

Diploma Tutor Experience

- Community engagement and community led-design, allotments, restoration of green spaces - Sustainable urban home and garden design - Courses, trainings, events: Permaculture Design Courses and other related subjects - Social Permaculture: the work that reconnects, the way of council, effective collaboration and group work - Smallholding: no-dig gardens, forest garden, sylvopasture, water works

Diploma Tutor Skills

Same as areas of design experience above, plus - Ecosystem restoration Interested in - Relationship between inner and outer resilience - Cultures of care, meeting ourselves, others and the world around us from depth - Deep Ecology