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Samples of my work as follows:

Bread&Soup Making Open Day
All-Things is a compendium of food pledges and principles leading to the formulation of a new social contract.
Start with Food
Motivations for writing Start with Food.
Of food we say that it condenses the complexity of Life. Think of the plants and animals we eat every day. They exist and if so then they can only exist if they are born first, that food is born first. This is helpful for once born food then grows. The scene is set. What is mostly left out for us to do is a bit of plucking here and a bit of plucking there followed by harvesting at peak times. And all we do is to dance to the tune of life.
The emphasis in this book is not so much on what we buy and consume but on what is born and grows. Hence food birthing. Later references to food, and there are many, will develop this birthing approach. Food is born in the same way that humans are born.
Start with Food is the whole package. It is different from other books on food in many distinct ways. One difference leads to another and Start with Food is designed to set the tone for a new social and economic agenda.

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