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Are we neglecting 'food', not seeing for what it is? ‘Start with Food’ sets out to explore the ‘often overlooked dimension’ of food to our understanding of the way we live and work. Members may find the following Template useful when making a case for 'food'.

✔ Do Food and Study Food capture the essence of living. Food stands for renewal. It is the fons et origo of all knowledge, of culture and traditions, trade, ecology and science.
✔ Thanks to food we can create communities, shape the economy, and foster learning. We link it to water, energy and land activities.
✔ Health and nutrition matter too. Food is embedded in our social institutions. It has written our language, history (including the reasons and causes of conflict) and religion.
✔ Food is a simple proposition and is integral to the notions of upbringing (implying family structures) and education (implying social structures).

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Views and comments are welcome. You can email me using The Start with Food file is available online,

Thanks, Mario.

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