Carole Egner

Carole Egner

We are open to visitors at The Fruitful Forest Garden by appointment and happy to accomodate groups.  We do host practical workshops on our site and can deliver bespoke workshops at a site of your choice.

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Notes about contacting me

Please contact me by email at [email protected] 

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About me

I've been passionate about Permaculture since discovering Permaculture Magazine in 2010 and have been combining Permaculture with my love of Research, growing food and forest gardening at The Fruitful Forest Garden ever since.  I completed my Diploma Tutor Training in 2023 and am looking forward to to helping to guide new diploma apprentices on their Permaculture adventure.  

Diploma Tutor Skills

Forest Gardening - design, implementation and propagation

Food preservation and wine making

Water capture, attenuation, treatment

No dig market gardening

Research & design of experiments

Educator experience

Introduction to Permaculture, Forest Gardens, market gardening, integrating family garden design with zone 0 (house)

water capture, treatment and irrigation

Experimental design for research

PDC co-teacher

Educator qualifications

Diploma in Applied Permaculture

Permaculture Design Certfificate

MSc Health Ergonomics

BSc Chemistry with French