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Diploma Tutor Experience

• Dog permaculture
• Garden design
• Eco-home building
• Water conservation for gardening
• Hedgehog awareness
• Edible landscape design (perennial food forests, no dig gardening)
• Using permaculture design for life-decision making, business planning etc

• Home-made skincare products
• Crafts e.g. knitting, sewing, basketmaking, jam-making.
• Setting up and running a business
• Keeping chickens
• Experience writing blogs, design and maintaining websites
• Writing
• Scientific research

Diploma Tutor Skills

Having built our own eco-home for our (now grown-up) family, I became well-versed in homesteading, a departure from my previous scientific background. These experiences led me to Permaculture. I see a strong need for us to adapt our houses and gardens to create resilient homes, especially in these uncertain times.


Following on from this, I became a Project Manager for the construction of eco-homes. Within building projects, I looked to create buildings that respond to both the clients’ needs while considering its impact on the local community. Helping clients reduce their impact gave me lots of ideas and furthered my own skillset. I’ve explored Hugelbeds, no-dig gardening, keeping chickens, forest garden growing, vegetable and fruit growing, basketmaking, knitting, sewing, apple juice (and of course cider) making and creating eco-friendly cleaning products etc. I have managed to reduce my own footprint and develop a deeper relationship between garden and house.


Subsequently, as my experience has evolved, I started considering pets within the context of homesteading and permaculture. My focus has been on my own dogs, observing their behaviour brought about this new strand to Permaculture. Being a dog-person, I am excited to have created Dog Permaculture, the design of integrative spaces with an understanding of dog behaviour.


I am keen to help others to grow in their understanding of Permaculture to empower and enrich their own lives.