Ecodiy Eco DIY ecohouse

Permaculture Land Center

Climate change, peak oil (limits to the available supply of oil) and overuse of other natural resources are facing us all with an unprecedented crisis. Rosie and I believe in taking personal responsibility for the way we live and affect the world around us.
This site exists to follow our progress applying energy and water saving ideas to our house here in Clacton-on-sea in Essex UK, growing our own food and interacting with other with the same objectives.
We want to be as self reliant as possible without being fanatical.
We are structuring our house and garden on Permaculture principles
We are recycling grey water through a reed bed and collecting rain.
We use solar energy and waste wood wood to heat our water, our home and for cooking
We generate solar electricity to lower our use of mains power
We try to consume less and recycle more
We grow and eat our own vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey and logs and trade our surplus with others.
We are creating all of this ourselves (DIY) mostly from recycled materials.
We now have a woodland which we are coppicing to provide fuel and building materials

How to arrange a visit: 
Sustainable transport options: 
By train to Clacton station and we will collect you
Chris Southall
193 Burrs Road,
CO15 4LN
United Kingdom
01255 254548