We are working with many different groups, campaigns and partners to help-co-create the ‘Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares’ future that we really need! This page lists some of the main groups we collaborate with. We work in a very fluid way and play an active and dynamic role in the wider ‘ecosystem of change’, supporting and engaging with many other groups, projects and individuals every year through shared communications, mutual advice and networking, attendance at events, and so on.

We welcome conversations with new groups and organisations who are interested in developing partnerships and joint fundraising that help our work, and yours, especially in the following areas:

  • Forest gardens
  • Agroecological farming
  • Climate action
  • Community transformation

Strategic Partners

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Fiscal partners

We support other organisations to access funds by working with us on shared charitable aims. Over the last few years that has included: OrganicLea, Landworkers Alliance, Sector 39, Re/Alliance, IPEN, PermEZone, and the Himalayan Permaculture Centre. Over the last 30 years we have supported over 50 groups to secure funds and develop permaculture work in the UK and around the world.

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European Permaculture Network

The Permaculture Association is one of the founder members of the European Permaculture Network which now has 24 members. EUPN is a mutual aid network of organisations that help each other in a non-hierarchical way. It takes on the role of the previous European Permaculture Council, and will continue to support a European convergence every two years

Mother Nature logo

Mother Nature Project

Mother Nature is a strategic partnership between seven European organisations, aimed at developing nature-based methodologies and tools to empower mothers in their personal transformation, and strengthening professional capacities to support them in this process.

Lush logo

Lush Cosmetics

We work with Lush to cross pollinate the wider regeneration movement, supporting with permaculture expertise and sharing good practices. Lush are kind enough to let us use their offices in central London when we visit!

"During our last financial year in the UK, we donated over £1.6 million to small charities, campaigns and organisations working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights. Globally, we donated £6.3 million. One of the exciting things about Lush is the fact that we can lend our support to grassroots groups around the world that need help to make a difference."

ecolise logo


ECOLISE’s vision is of a Europe where the members of every local community have taken a lead role in ensuring local economic, social and environmental sustainability. Through their actions, they have achieved a net zero carbon footprint and in so doing have made a major contribution to the establishment of a post-carbon, ecological society in Europe. We are a national contact point for the European Day of Sustainable Communities which is a key element of the Ecolise network’s ‘Communities for Future’ strategy.

Diploma accreditation

Our Working Groups

We work with members through six working groups all of whom add lots of value and perspectives to the Association - we couldn’t do anything like as much without them!

Educator Gathering 2019

Educator Members

Via our monthly online gatherings and annual in person gatherings, we work with our educators to develop new and innovative initiatives which further the reach and accessibility of permaculture education. 

Permaculture ethics

Diploma Tutors

Our Diploma Tutors are at the forefront of raising education standards and supporting people to transform their lives and businesses. Through our regular online gatherings, annual in-person event and Diploma Working Group, we are fortunate to be working with world-leading experts in permaculture and regenerative design.

Event Partners

Oxford real farming conference logo

Oxford Real Farming Conference

We have attended every event since 2010, put sessions on at almost every event and generally promoted this as the most important three days of collaboration in the Real Farming / Regenerative Farming calendar. Now official partners too!

northern real farming conference

Northern Real Farming Conference

This is ORFC’s northern spin off, proposed by one of our founding members, Rod Everett of Backsbottom Farm. We have helped to get this started for the first two years and will continue to play an active role.

urban agriculture consortium logo

Urban Agriculture Consortium

Since 2020, the Urban Agriculture Consortium (UAC) has been bringing people together to co-create the conditions for urban and peri-urban agroecology to thrive, as part of an integrated, resilient, and just food system for the UK. The Association has been involved from the start and we bring our tools, practices and holistic design approach into the partnership to help with planning initiatives and adding value to existing projects.

CTRLshift logo


We initiated a conversation in 2016 about how we could respond to Brexit, especially to find ways to bring in people that felt excluded and disengaged from politics and much of civil society. We want to find a way to shift more funds, decisions and power to local communities, in line with ideas like ‘new municipalism’. After an initial meeting in Wigan, we brought ten partners together (who are largely all still involved) and then brought over 100 more into the conversation at our first Emergency Summit. The second one was in Stoke. Then came Covid, and now we are organising again for the third wave of events, projects and developing of our ‘ecosystem of changemakers’. Great collaborative work!

Media Partners

permaculture magazine

Permaculture Magazine

Permanent Publications / Permaculture Magazine, are longstanding supporters and members and help us connect with many more people. They have a range of popular channels including youtube, facebook and the brilliant Permaculture Magazine - practical solutions beyond sustainability; which is a bestselling international green/environmental magazine. It's pages are packed with inspiring articles written by leading experts (many of whom are members of the Permaculture Association) alongside the readers' tips and solutions.

Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Future Care is a pioneering international green/environmental magazine which for over 30 years has placed permaculture within health food stores, newsagents, high street shops and supermarkets. This introduces new people to permaculture and in turn to courses.If you run a course and wish to advertise within the magazine email: [email protected]

As one reader writes: "Permaculture magazine contains life changing information, you might get hooked!"


Campaigns we support

lush spring prize

Lush Spring Prize

A £200,000+ prize fund and other support activities, to build capacity for those repairing the earth’s damaged systems and leaving the world lusher than they found it.

wellbeing economy alliance logo

Wellbeing Economy Alliance

WEAll is a collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working towards a wellbeing economy, delivering human and ecological wellbeing. This is clearly in line with permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares.

zero hour logo

Zero Hour

Zero Hour (previously Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill) We support Zero Hour’s work to press the Government to introduce a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, which has been drafted by scientists, legal experts, ecological economists and environmentalists. The CEE Bill is designed specifically to reverse the climate and ecological breakdown we're facing.

community wealth fund

Community Wealth Fund Alliance

We support Big Local’s campaign to bring increased investment into local communities, especially the most disadvantaged.

international-alliance-localization logo

International Alliance for Localisation

The International Alliance for Localisation was established as part of Local Future’s work to build a localization movement powerful enough to turn the global tide. The IAL unites diverse groups and individuals in both North and South — from business leaders and labor unions to farmers, social justice activists and environmentalists — who share a common vision of localization as a powerful solution multiplier. IAL connects us to over 1800 groups and individuals in 58 countries. 

sustain logo


We are long standing members of Sustain, and have adopted many of their model policies and contributed to and supported many of their excellent national campaigns. 

Affinity Partners

Permaculture market logo

Permaculture Market

The online shop of Permaculture magazine. Permaculture Association members are offered a whopping 25% discount on their award winning Permanent Publications' range of permaculture books. Visit the Discounts page in the members area to get your code. 

Another good reason to shop with them directly is that it helps keep revenue within the permaculture community.

Good energy logo

Good Energy

We’re proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, a green electricity company that uses the amazing power of British sun, wind and water to replace every bit of electricity you use in your home over a year. And it’s cheaper than the standard dual fuel tariffs offered by the Big Six suppliers. Switch to Good Energy quoting The Permaculture Association and help transform the way we make and use energy in the UK.

ecotricity logo


Ecotricity 'Turn electricity bills into windmills' - for every pound customers spend, Ecotricity spend another pound building wind turbines. By switching to Ecotricity you are also helping the Association without it costing you a penny. Switch and raise up to £60 for the Permaculture Association!

your coop logo

Your Co-op

The UK's co-operative broadband supplier, offering ethical telecoms for your home and business. When you use their service, 6% of what you spend on calls and broadband goes to Permaculture Association. Calls are up to 15% cheaper than BT and line rental is also cheaper. You keep all the features you have with your present supplier, while helping us to raise money. For further information, please visit www.thephone.coop/pca or call 0845 458 9040 ensuring that you quote Permaculture Association AF0201.

recuycle 4 charity logo


This is a simple scheme, free of charge, that provides a facility to collect and recycle used printer inkjets and mobile phones into a cash donation. Order recycling materials for free!

Earth rising game

Earth Rising

Earth Rising isn’t about vanquishing evil or undoing some terrible plot… instead, up to six players must work together to bring the world into sustainable harmony. For families and friends, aged 11+. You have twenty years to transform the world, are you up to the task? The Permaculture Association is one of six named charities and permaculture features throughout the game. 

Thank you to our supporters!

We would like to acknowledge and thank our many donors and funders that have supported us over the years. Some have given money, others have also provided ongoing support and advice, both of which has been greatly appreciated. 

Past funders include the National Lottery, Seedbed Trust, EU Erasmus and EU Horizon 2020, Joseph Rowntrees Charitable Trust, Network for Social Change, Wayward Trust, Potential Trust, Lush Spring Prize / Permaculture Magazine Award, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Farming the Future, Pebble Trust, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, Postcode Local Trust, VKRF, Primrose Earth Awareness Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Polden Puckham Charitable Trust, Yapp Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation amongst many others.