Warland Ecogrowing

Warland Ecogrowing is a volunteer based group involved in sustainable food production and gardening.  We have an allotment, forest garden, apothecary garden, orchard and coppices in development to allow people to develop skills in the most beneficial type of gardening for them.  Alongside regular volunteer activities we also offer spaces on courses provided experts in various fields to allow visitors to learn alongside our volunteers. We are part of a larger Permaculture project and community based at Warland Farm.  

Warland Farm is an ancient dwelling in the South Pennines, three miles south of

Todmorden. We are restoring the land and its community using Permaculture to create The School

of Sustainable Living, where traditional practices, crafts and art are explored, preserved and passed

on. The community aims to share with visitors the value of practical, traditional and ecologically

sound techniques for land care, occupation, entertainment, cooking and community building on a

tranquil site where you can relax and learn in good company with good food.

Main contact
Darren Roberts
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