Observations of our Land

Our first observations made of our smallholding site in the Spring and Summer of 2002

The Land of Roots Co-op, of which I am a co-founding Director, bought land near Durham City on Winter Solstice 2001. The attached file shows our first observations made in early 2002. We have gone on since then to design and build many things here - our lives revolve around this site. The site, 10 years on, now includes various buildings, veg garden, hen enclosure and a full time business growing and selling our produce and products, trading as Abundant Earth. The photo attached shows a holly tree (very small now) growing in a big old oak. This is photo number 35 of a 30 year (maybe longer) observation project to see how the holly grows inside the oak and to see the climatic seasonal variations of the oak tree.

Other Designers (members of PA):