iLAND Resources

iLAND Criteria and Overview Document: this document provides a more detailed overview of the purpose and principles of iLAND including the Essential and Desirable Criteria for iLAND Centres - iland_proposal_sept2018.pdf

Downloadable PDF Case Studies:

These initial case studies are mature projects. Over time we will add more case studies, including urban centres and smaller scale projects. 

Amrita Bhoomi (Karnataka, SW India) - 66 acre agroecology training centre and demonstration farms, pioneering Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) methods with an estimated 100,000 peasant farmers now practising ZBNF methods in Karnataka state

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania - large-scale farmer-led training with an 80Ha Farmer Training Centre linked to 52 Farmer Field Schools, that have brought over 3000 small-scale farmers into the agroecological farming movement

Soils, Food & Healthy Communities (Malawi) - large-scale farmer-led training and research network covering over 80 villages

Timbaktu Collective (South Central India) - linking action-oriented education and demonstration projects with cooperatives as effective systems of organisation for the development of rural enterprise

Other excellent learning and demonstration examples:

Another excellent example is the Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC), which has developed an excellent 'barefoot consultant' farmer-to-farmer training system to spread permaculture education and practice to villages across a wider area

In Europe, three excellent examples of small farm scale learning and demonstration centres are: Ragmans Lane Farm (UK), Ferme du Bec Hellouin (France) and Ridgedale Permaculture (Sweden)

Two excellent examples of urban LAND Centres in Britain are: Organic Lea on the edge of London and Hulme Community Garden Centre close to central Manchester.

Case studies of some European permaculture demonstration projects collected by the European permaculture Teachers partnership project.

The Visegrad LAND Centre Network, which is linked to a wider permaculture education development project covering Poland, the Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine.