Claudiu Oprea - Educator Profile


Greetings everyone!

I'm Claudiu Oprea a Romanian born, London bred permaculturist, artist and linguist.
I first learned about permaculture on a dreamy trip to the island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific back in 2010. After a month in paradise I returned to my hectic London life and a career in TV. Something in me shifted and the illusion of a meaningful life in a soulless industry started to unravel. It took two years till I found an intro to permaculture weekend course in April 2012 ran by Kevin Mascharenas and Cinzia Sarigu at Stepney City Farm in east London. The two days offered a brief insight into a different world, one filled with hope, common sense, and actual tools to design and have a go at meeting human needs in sustainable ways. I never looked back.

I am curious about the natural world, and I use that curiosity to inspire my art, design and teaching. I get excited about plants, fungi and creatures of all kinds and I am on a personal mission to decipher the ways they communicate and to share my findings with you!

The dream is to help bring permaculture into mainstream education and plant food forests around the world!

Qualifications and skills

Diploma in Public Service Interpreting - translating and interpreting in Criminal and Civil Law with Romanian - Middlesex University, 2004

Introduction to Permaculture - weekend course in April 2012 at Stepney City Farm, London - ran by Kevin Mascharenas and Cinzia Sarigu

PDC - Organic Lea, Hawkwood, London September 2012 Head tutor - Nicole Freris with help from Jilian Hovey and others

What a plant knows - University of Tel Aviv, August 2014 - 3 month long plant intelligence course with prof Danny Chamovitz

7 Ways to Think Differently March 2015 - experiential social permaculture course with Looby Macnamara, Peter Cow and Kerry Lane

TOT - Applewood Permaculture Centre, Heredfordshire 2015 - teacher training with Looby Macnamara, Rowe Marrow and Chris Evans

From Soil to Sky - University of Dundee & Permaculture Association Britain May 2017 - month long online course on soils with Prof Naomi Van Der Velden as one of the tutors

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

- social and urban permaculture
- creating safe spaces for learning and deep transformation
- facilitating learning for children and adults alike
- community activator
- care giver with own massage practice
- story telling
- creatively merging permaculture with other healing practices
- NVC and Restorative Justice
- listening

Technical skills:
- food growing
- soil building/composting
- tree planting
- building with natural materials (cob and adobe)
- creating furniture and art installations out of waste materials
- cooking to professional standards
- public speaking

Areas of interest:
- mental health ad health in general
- plant communication, intelligence and sentience
- social and urban permaculture
- bringing permaculture into mainstream education

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Apart from designing food growing spaces in the city (from community gardens to growing lots of fresh food in my own garden), I am curious to explore the cross overs between permaculture, the arts and other healing practices such as yoga, herbal medicine and exploring the question of where our health comes from, especially in the city, where most of us live.

I had the opportunity to weave together some of my passions for plants, people, technology (in the form of e-waste) in an open source art project. Biomodd London came to life in the form of an experiential and interactive installation art merging the usually opposing worlds of living biology and technology.
Biomodd is a nomadic co-created art project initiated by artist and space researcher Angelo Vermeulen. It had 20 iterations around the world in 10 years and is going strong. The first London iteration manifested in an experiment on plant communication, intelligence and sentience held at a TEDx London City 2.0 event in 2013. For more information and a short video of the event, visit my website.

I have enrolled on the diploma journey under Looby Macamara's mentorship. I am invested in exploring ways to help the paradigm shift in humans towards abundance vs scarcity thinking, co-operation vs competition and empowering key community members of disadvantaged minority groups.

I use the Design Web, created by Looby Macnamara as a tool to assist personal introspection ( I can see myself clearer under its lens), as well as assisting other students and practitioners on their design projects. Currently, I am exploring ways to engage with the Design Web as an interactive game to encourage learning through play.

I am invested in bringing permaculture into mainstream education and I am currently developing an "Outdoor edible classroom" project for a school of 50 pupils in Goa, India. This will serve as a safe food producing and learning space, where pupils can engage with maths, science, biology, astrology, water catchment, soils, composting, etc. The first stage was implemented in December 2017.

I completed teaching the first Yoga and Permaculture PDC in the Himalayas, India. I am designing a series of PDC certificate courses, retreats and workshops for 2018 that merge permaculture with other healing practices. We will be focusing on social permaculture, mental health, vegan foods and yoga. For more details please contact me on [email protected].

Teaching Information
Offering teaching in the following geographical areas: 
The UK and West Europe, Romania, Latvia, Hungary India, Nepal, Sri Lanka The US and Canada Australia and Vanuatu
I teach at weekends.
I teach in the evenings.
I can accommodate families.
I can accommodate partners.
I can accommodate students.

Please contact me for details.