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Contact Angie - [email protected]
Contact Angie - [email protected]
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Permaculture design is all about creating ecologically sound ways of living based on observing natural systems and applying ecological principles to what we do. It equips you to care for the earth, yourself, and others in ways that are resilient, abundant, and rewarding - and it can be a truly life-changing.

The basic qualification for doing permaculture design is a Permaculture Design Certificate. This course offers you the opportunity to gain your PDC in three modules. These plus some guided study between modules cover the full PDC curriculum as endorsed by the membership of the Permaculture Association. The Permaculture Association will also issue your final certificate, which is recognised by other permaculture practitioners internationally.

Part of the course is held at the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid-Wales, a world renowned centre for learning and demonstrating ecological ways of living, and will also incorporate visits to other inspirational sites where experienced permaculture practitioners will show you how they have applied permaculture thinking to their projects.

Please note that Permaculture 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for Permaculture 3

Your tutors, Dr Angie Polkey and Dr Alice Gray, have many years of experience in using permaculture thinking and applying it in practice, in some very wide-ranging fields of activity including in Africa, Palestine and Kashmir. They are also established teachers with lots of experience of teaching diverse groups of adults in accessible and dynamic ways.

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Angie Polkey & Alice Gray
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Permaculture Design Course
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