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The course venue is the ecovillage Friland, 35km from Aarhus. Friland became well known when the Danish broadcasting TV DR showed a number of documentaries from the beginning of Frilands establishment in 2001. Today, Friland consists of 42 households on 10 ha. focusing on sustainable building, minimal waste, waste water recycling, and a diverse group of residents in all ages. The village is full of good-practice permaculture!

The venue address is: Ravnen 4, Feldballe - 8410 Rønde, Denmark


The daily classes begin at 8.30 and ends at 21.00. The final program will be send to all participants before the course begins. Please note - kids, pets and the like, are unfortunately not possible to bring. We simply have limited facilities to welcome your dear ones.

The course is interactive and as a participant you will be actively involved and carry out small design exercises. Together with other participants you will be given an area to design on or close by Friland.

We have an extensive library for you to dive into when breaks and evenings call for deeper knowledge.
Normal price: 8800 DKK
Companies/organizations: 10.000 DKK + VAT
Students, retired folks & low income: 6800 DKK (limited number available)
The price includes organic/local food, teaching, materials and simple accomodation in the garden - bring your tent! If you cherish a comfortable bed, private accomodation can be arranged after registering.
Course summary

This is the course for you, whom:

 -long for more know-how on sustainable living, 

-want to do holistic designs, 

-who dreams about a sustainable future, 

-want to join a course with experienced, undogmatic teaches, 

-want to obtain a Certificate in Permaculture 

-want to influence your surroundings with constructive solutions and possitive ideas! 

Why do a PDC at Friland? 

We are walk-the-talk people in a do-it village. We have taught PDCs at Friland since 2016 and include practical examples of applied permaculture throughout the course. You'll learn about everything from sustainable buildings, regenerative farming, no-dig gardening, fermentation, to sociocracy and holistic management, and much more. You will be better equipped to embrace the future with a positive foodprint! 

Good to know 

Permaculture is undogmatic tools to create a sustainable lifestyle. The course is an internationally standardized course PDC - 70% of the topics are mandatory regardless of where in the world you do the course. The remaining 30% are fit to the geographic location and often with a special focus. The PDC is theoretical, with practical examples. On this course you will learn about Sustainble building, Technology & tools, Education and culture, Health & spiritual wellbeing, Money & economy, Land tenure and stewardship. We visit several homes, buildings, gardens and Myrrhis Agroforestry.

Certified teacher
Tycho Holcomb
Apprentice teachers
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience
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Course type
Permaculture Design Course
Engagement style
Face to face

Postal address of venue

Ravnen 4
8410 Rønde

Course contact email
Contact name
Karoline Nolsø Aaen
Contact telephone number
+45 24233883

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